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Cooling Fan; Helpful Hints And Tips - AEG KM4400001 User Manual

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Table of Contents
You can deactivate the appliance
when the Function Lock is on.
When you deactivate the appli-
ance, the Function Lock deacti-
Loc comes on in the display
when you turn a knob or press a
9.2 Residual heat indicator
The display shows the residual heat indi-
the temperature in the oven is more
than 40 °C. Use the temperature knob to
see the oven temperature.

9.3 Cooling fan

When the appliance operates, the cool-
ing fan activates automatically to keep
The automatic switch-off works
with all functions except Light,
Duration and End Time.


The temperature and baking
times in the tables are guidelines
only. They depend on the rec-
ipes and the quality and quantity
of the ingredients used.
10.1 Baking
General instructions
• Your new oven can bake or roast dif-
ferently to the appliance you had be-
fore. Adapt your usual settings (tem-
perature, cooking times) and shelf po-
sitions to the values in the tables.
• With longer baking times, you can de-
activate the oven approximately 10 mi-
nutes before the end of the baking
time and then use the residual heat.
When you cook frozen food, the trays
in the oven can twist during baking.
when the appliance is off and
30 °C - 115 °C
120 °C - 195 °C
200 °C - 230 °C
the surfaces of the appliance cool. If you
deactivate the appliance, the cooling fan
can continue to operate until the appli-
ance cools down.
9.4 Automatic switch-off
For safety reasons the appliance deacti-
vates after some time:
• If a heating function operates.
• If you do not change the oven temper-
Switch-off time
12.5 h
8.5 h
5.5 h
When the trays become cold again,
the distortions are gone.
How to use the Baking Tables
• The manufacturer recommends that
you use the lower temperature the
first time.
• If you cannot find the settings for a
special recipe, look for the one that is
almost the same.
• You can extend baking times by 10 –
15 minutes if you bake cakes on more
than one level.
• Cakes and pastries at different heights
do not always brown equally at first. If
this occurs, do not change the tem-
perature setting. The differences
equalize during the baking procedure.


Table of Contents

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