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Communication Error After Completion Of Tracking - Samsung AVMKH020EA0 Service Manual

System air conditioner dvm series
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8-2-21. Communication error after completion of tracking

Outdoor unit display
Indoor unit display
Judgment method
Press the reset key (K3) of outdoor unit
PCB and check the display.
Is there no response of
indoor unit on the display
during tracking?
Remove the communication cable
from outdoor unit to indoor unit and
measure 2 lines of outdoor unit side with
The voltage between
two lines is wave of DC±0.7V as
shown in the following:
Re-connect the communication line from
outdoor unit to indoor unit and remove all
communication connector from indoor unit PCB,
and then re-connect one by one to locate the indoor
unit obstructing the communication,
and then replace the PCB.
- In case that the communication is not available for 2 minutes during operation
between indoor and outdoor unit.
- Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unit
- 199 -
(Removing frost)
Locate the indoor unit having the
communication error after 2 minutes and check the
duplication of PCB address.
(If the address of indoor unit is duplicated,
communication error occurs)
-In such a case the communication error appears
from more than 2 sets of indoor units whose
addresses are wrong.
If there is no trouble in the address, replace the PCB
after checking the communication cable.
Check the outdoor communication
cable of PCB and connector and then
replace the PCB.

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