Precautions - Samsung AVMKH020EA0 Service Manual

System air conditioner dvm series
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11. Cut off the power.
G Make sure to cut off the power before repair. If not, you may be damaged by an electric shock.
12. Do not install an outdoor unit on the apartment outside wall(or equivalent) for safety.
G Installing an outdoor unit on the apartment outside wall(or equivalent) is prohibited for the safety purpose. Service will not
be available for the outdoor unit where our servicemen can not access and the cost of moving the outdoor unit to the
service area will be borne by the customer.
G If requested by the customer, you shall discourage him to install an outdoor unit on the apartment outside wall(or
13. Keep the drain hose outlet free.
G Otherwise, air flow will get slow, which may hinder cooling capacity.
G Also, dew may be laden on the service valve.
14. Use of Certified Parts
G Use certified parts only. (An electric contact part, if broken down, shall not be repaired but replaced with a new one.
Remodeling shall be prohibited. In no case, the customer shall repair the product on his own because this is dangerous
enough to bring about breakdown or fire.)
15. Ban on Middle Connection of Power Cord
G Do not cut the power cord in the middle to be connected to other power cord nor use a middle socket between two power
cords. This is dangerous enough to bring about breakdown or fire.
16. Check Insulation
G After assembly, be sure to check insulation resistance.
(Use an insulation ohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the power cord and the earthing wire. Do not
supply power until it reads 30MΩ.)
17. Be sure to keep the symmetry of the product.
G Otherwise, you may hear vibration noise.
18. Caution for Children
G Do not keep children off the product while it is in repair. Otherwise, they might be endangered.
19. Be sure to put the indoor or outdoor unit free of corrosive gases such as sulfuric water,
ammonium, and sulfuric gas.
G Otherwise, copper tubes or soldered parts could be corroded causing refrigerant leak.
10. Arrangement of surroundings
G After repair finishes, clean the air conditioner and its surroundings and inform the customer of what it is like.
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