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Fujitsu fi-590PRF Operator's Manual page 6

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Do not install the scanner in the following locations
which are subject to high temperature, humidity, less
ventilation, or dust. If placed in an area subject to
high temperature, the cover may become
overheated and deformed, causing the scanner to
become hot, resulting in a fire.
A place near heat-radiating devices such as
stoves or electric heaters, or flammable items
such as volatile inflammable materials or curtain.
A place such as a bathroom, shower room, or
swimming pool where it may easily get wet.
A place under direct sunlight, in a car under the
scorching sun, or near heating apparatus where it
may get hot.
To avoid injuries, do not place the scanner in an area
where small children may be able to reach.
Before moving the scanner, be sure to disconnect
the power cable from the AC outlet, and all other
interface cables. Make sure that the floor is free of
any obstructions.
Do not move the scanner with the power and
interface cables connected as this can damage the
cables, which can later cause a fire, electric shock as
well as injuries.
Do not touch the power cable with wet hands. Doing
so might cause an electric shock.
When removing the power cable from the AC outlet,
make sure to hold the power plug and not the cable.
Pulling the power cable may damage it, which may
cause a fire or electric shock.
Do not use a damaged power cable. Also, do not
insert any cables or power plugs into loose sockets.
Doing so may cause a fire or electric shock.
Be careful of the following when handling the power
Do not modify the power cable.
Do not place heavy objects on the power cable.
Do not pull or bend the power cable.
If the power cable is damaged, contact your
FUJITSU scanner dealer or an authorized FUJITSU
scanner service provider.
Do not place heavy objects on the scanner or
perform other work on top of the scanner. Doing so
might cause injuries or an equipment failure.
Do not use the scanner while covered with a blanket,
etc. Doing so may raise the temperature inside and
cause a fire.
Avoid getting a sleeve, necktie, or hair caught up in
any scanner mechanism during scanning since this
may cause injuries.
Do not touch the heated section such as the bottom
of the scanner for a long time. Doing so may cause a
low-temperature burn on your skin.
When the scanner is not going to be used for a long
period of time, be sure to disconnect the power cable
from the AC outlet. Not doing so may cause a fire or
electric shock.
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Do not use any aerosol sprays or alcohol based
sprays to clean the scanner. Dust blown up by strong
air from the spray may enter the inside of the
scanner. This may cause the scanner to fail or
malfunction. Sparks, caused by static electricity,
generated when blowing off dust and dirt from the
outside of the scanner may cause a fire.
Check the following items once a month:
The power cable is firmly inserted into the AC
The power cable is not emitting abnormal heat, or
the power cable is not rusted or bent.
Dust is not accumulated on the power cable. If so,
wipe off any dust with a soft, dry cloth.
The power cable does not have any cracks or
If any abnormality is detected, contact your FUJITSU
scanner dealer or an authorized FUJITSU scanner
service provider.
Make sure to ground to avoid electric shock. Be sure
to ground before plugging into the AC outlet. Unplug
from the outlet before removing the ground
When installing the scanner on a table, make sure
that the table is flat and level. Place the scanner so
that none of its parts extend beyond the edge of the
table, otherwise it may fall or collapse and cause
Install the scanner away from strong magnetic fields
and other sources of electronic noise.
Protect the scanner against any static electricity and
choose a static-free place to install the scanner.
Static electricity can cause the scanner to
If there is an electrical storm, disconnect the power
cable from the AC outlet. Lightening can travel
through wires and water pipes and damage the
scanner, which may damage your property.
Do not supply the power from the AC outlet where
the devices requiring much power such as copying
machines or paper shredders are connected.
Do not block the ventilation ports. Blocking the
ventilation ports generates heat inside of the
scanner, which may result in a fire or scanner failure.
Do not use the scanner immediately after moving it
from a cold place into a warm room. Condensation
may occur, which might lead to scanning errors. Let
the scanner dry for one or two hours before you use
When handling documents, be careful not to cut your
fingers with them.
When carrying the scanner outside while it is raining
or snowing, pay special attention so the scanner
does not get wet.
If the scanner gets wet, wipe it or wait until it dries.
When transporting the scanner, never carry it alone.
The scanner is heavy.


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