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Troubleshooting Guide - Kenwood KCC90 Instructions Manual

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troubleshooting guide

The machine will not operate in the heat
mode and displays an error message
and gives a warning beep.
The machine changes
speed or speed is limited during
Food burning on the base of the bowl.
Consistency of food not maintained.
Inconsistent mixing speed.
Difficult to shut mixer head.
Mixer runs continuously when stir
speeds are selected.
Motor speed is limited when using
The whisk or K-beater knocks against
the bottom of the bowl or not reaching
the ingredients in the bottom of the
The whisk, K-beater or creaming beater
knock against the stir assist clip.
Slow speed attachment cannot be
One of the safety sensors has been
The speed is automatically
limited when the bowl
contents reach 60°C and the hot
temperature warning indicator will on.
1 The temperature setting selected may be
too high.
2 Incorrect tool being used.
3 The stir delay is too long.
4 The tool may not be low enough in the
5 The timer has been set for too long.
6 The sensor and/or the underside of bowl
may not be clean.
1 Temperature selected too high.
2 Stir delay too frequent.
3 Ingredients cooked for too long.
4 Incorrect tool being used.
1 Ingredients too large, hard or too firm.
1 Firm ingredients such as chocolate in the
bottom of the bowl prevent the mixer head
from locking down.
2 Stir tool has been incorrectly fitted.
Outlet covers are incorrectly fitted.
Hot bowl fitted.
Tool at the wrong height and needs
Stir assist clip is fitted.
Check your attachment is compatible for
use with your model.
Twist connection system required (Model
Check display screen for notification of cause.
• Ensure the head is lowered and locked.
• Ensure all outlet covers are correctly fitted.
• Ensure the heat shield is correctly fitted.
• Ensure the cooking chef bowl is corrected
This is a safety feature.
1 Reduce the temperature or power settings.
2 Check the most suitable tool is being used
and adjusted correctly.
3 Increase the frequency of the stir delay or
increase to a continuous operation.
4 Adjust the tool.
5 Cook for a shorter length of time (ensure food
is thoroughly cooked).
6 Ensure that these areas are kept clean and
1 Reduce temperature.
2 Reduce stir delay.
3 Reduce the cooking time (ensure food is
thoroughly cooked).
4 Check the most suitable tool is being used.
1 Cut food into smaller pieces, remove stones
from fruit, slowly melt ingredients without a
tool in position (but ensure a speed has been
2 Add ingredients after the head is lowered.
3 Check the most suitable tool is being used.
1 Add ingredients after the mixer head is
2 Ensure the stir tool is fitted into the stir tool
Ensure the outlet covers are correctly fitted.
Remove the bowl, or cool the bowl to below
Adjust the height using a suitable spanner – see
"Tool Adjustment" section.
Remove stir assist clip – this should be used
when using the stir tool only.
Attachment must have the KAX twist
connection system
to fit the outlet.
If you own attachments featuring the Bar
Connection System
you will need to use
the KAT002ME adaptor to connect these to
the Twist Connection System on your Kitchen
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