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The Bowl Tools And Some Of Their Uses; To Use Your Cooking Chef - Kenwood KCC90 Instructions Manual

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the bowl tools and some of their uses

For making cakes, biscuits, pastry, icing, fillings, éclairs and
mashed potato.
For eggs, cream, soufflés. Do not use the whisk for heavy
mixtures (e.g. creaming fat and sugar) - you could damage it.
Suitable to combine with the stir tool when whisking with heat,
e.g. Italian and Swiss meringues.
Dough Hook
For yeast mixtures only.

to use your Cooking Chef

Make sure the induction area, temperature sensors and
external surface of the bowl base are clean. Failure to do
this will affect the heat sensor, resulting in poor cooking
Check that all the outlet covers including the heat shield are
fitted. If they are not correctly fitted the heating function will
not operate.
Always use oven gloves to remove the bowl and tools after
1 Connect the machine to the power supply. The display screen
will illuminate.
2 Turn the head-lift lever clockwise
until it locks.
3 Push the heat shield
mixer head
until fully located. The heat shield must never
be used without the rubber seal
If using the Cooking Chef without heat, it is not necessary to
fit the heat shield unless using the splashguard. Refer to 'to fit
and use your splashguard assembly' section.
4 Fit the bowl to the base – press down and turn clockwise
5 Select one of the following options:
Manual Cooking.
Refer to manual mode section.
Pre-set Programmes:
Refer to 'using the pre-set programmes' section for usage
Refer to the Quick Start Guide for more recipe ideas.
6 Place the required tool in the bowl tool socket
if using the stir tool, locating the pin in the groove
and then turn to lock into position
and raise the mixer head
upwards onto the underside of the
fitted correctly.
or stir tool
High temperature creaming beater
Suitable for creaming butter and sugar, choux pastry and polenta. Ideal
for scraping mixes both hot and cold from the sides of the bowl during
Stir tool
Suitable to use during cooking to maintain the texture of food e.g.
chicken, fish, vegetables and fruit. Ideal for browning meat. Also
suitable for risottos, sauces and melting chocolate.
stir tool – when using the stir tool the stir assist clip can also
be used to assist the mixing action, see 'to fit and use your
stir assist clip'. The stir tool can also be used with the whisk,
e.g. making meringues. Do not use the stir tool with the
dough hook.
Note: If the K-beater, whisk or creaming beater are not picking
up ingredients from the bottom of the bowl refer to the "Tool
Adjustment" section.
To remove a tool, reverse step 6 above. (Always use oven
gloves to remove tools after cooking).
7 To lower the mixer head, raise it slightly, then turn the head lift
lever clockwise.
Lower into the locked position.
8 Add the relevant ingredients to be cooked/mixed.
9 Turn the speed control to the desired setting. Turn the speed
control to
to use the stir settings.



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