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Delete; Copy; Move; Send Contact - Haier HG-M720 User Manual

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4.6 Delete

Delete the current contact information

4.7 Copy

1, Copy the contact to Phone or SIM card
2, Contact information will be saved as the files to the phone or memory card

4.8 Move

Move the contact from SIM to phone, Phone to SIM

4.9 Send contact

Send contact information as files by SMS,MMS and Bluetooth.

4.10 Mark several

Can selectively one or more records to copy, move, delete and other operations

4.11 Caller groups

Classify a number of contacts into one group in accordance with their relationship.

4.12 Phonebook settings

4.12.1 Preferred storage
Select the default saving position.
4.12.2 Speed dial
Speed dial is a fast way to call one of your special numbers.
1. To assign a speed dial number
You can select a desired number from the contacts list.
2. To dial a speed dial number
When Status is enabled to on, in idle mode, long press number key and the corresponding
number will automatically be dialed.