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Notes; Bluetooth - Haier HG-M720 User Manual

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11.6 Notes

Enter the menu, in the current notebook is empty, you can press the left soft key to add a
notepad; when the notebook is not empty, press the left soft key and select New Notepad
menu, you can add Notepad

11.7 Bluetooth

11.7.1 Power
Turn on or turn off Bluetooth
11.7.2 Visibility
If Visibility is turned on, others Phone can search to yours
11.7.3My device
Determine the search for Bluetooth devices, the phone will begin on the effective range of
Bluetooth devices to search.
When the search to the target Bluetooth device, you need to pair to transfer data The
phone is paired with a Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset pairing must enter the
password (usually 0000, available on the Bluetooth headset manual); with other Bluetooth
device pairing, follow the prompts, such as a password, enter both the general the same
password, the password can be any combination of numbers
11.7.4 Search audio device
Search for audio device and connect them
11.7.5 My name
You can view or edit the name of the machine
11.7.6 Advanced
1, you can choose audio path, first Storage path
2, Display phone address