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Handset Guide - Haier HG-M720 User Manual

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2. Handset guide

The illustration below displays the main components of your phone.
The appearance of the mobile phone and introduction:
1 Left Soft key
2 Right Soft key
3 Send key
4 Navigation key
5 End(Power) key
6 Center Select key
Delete key
8 Number keys
9 Camera key
10 SMS key
11Audio player key
12 Charge port
13 Side key
Select the option displayed on the lower left corner of the screen.
Select the option displayed on the lower right corner of the screen.
In standby mode, press this key to enter the recent calls list.
In standby mode, quick into the Shortcuts, Audio player, Write message
and FM radio.
In menu mode and when entering text, scroll through the menu and
Long press: power on, power off.
Short press: return to Idle screen.
This is the center key in the navigation keypad.
In standby mode, use this key to enter the Main menu view.
Delete the letters when you edit wrong.
Enter numbers, letters, and some special characters.
In Idle screen, long press '#' key to enable or disable the Meeting Mode.
In idle screen, press this key, will go to camera screen.
In idle screen, press the key, will go to SMS screen
n idle screen, press the key, will go to Audio player screen
Charge port and USB port
In Idle screen: turn up or turn down voice