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Haier U56 User Manual

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  • Page 1 Technologies Co..,Ltd Technologies as the refevence Technologies...
  • Page 2 Safety Instructions These instructions are intended for safe and effective use of your phone. Please follow these guidelines. Failure to do so might cause the product to malfunction or even a potential hazard to your health. Do not switch the phone on when Mobile Phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Getting to Know Your Phone.................1 Getting Started......................4 Quick Guide......................5 Contacts........................8 Messages......................10 Logs........................13 Settings.......................13 Multimedia......................16 Apps........................17 FM Radio......................18 Profiles........................ 18 Services......................19 Tools........................19 Gallery.........................21 Bluetooth......................22 Care and Maintenance..................23...
  • Page 5: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Getting to Know Your Phone Mobile phone appearance...
  • Page 6 The appearance of the mobile phone and introduction...
  • Page 7 Notice: Long press means pressing key more than or equal 2 seconds; short press means pressing key less than 2 seconds. Icon bar Description Icon Indicates signal strength. You have one or several missed call. You have one or several new text messages. You have one or several new mms.
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Getting Started Install/Take out the battery Charge the telephone Insert/Pull out the SIM card PIN code If your cell phone has enabled PIN code protection, there will be prompt for entering PIN code. If wrong PIN code is entered for three times, SIM card will be automatically locked.
  • Page 9: Quick Guide

    Quick Guide Making phone call Making phone call using the keypad 1.In the standby mode, input the phone number you want to dial, and press the SIM1 or SIM2 Send key to make the call using the respective SIM Card. To delete a character to the left of the cursor, press Clear on the Right Soft Key.
  • Page 10 Send Key. Answering the call Answer or reject an incoming call 1.To answer the call, press the Send Key. 2.To reject the call, press the End Key. Make domestic phone call Use number keys to input phone number in standby state and then press SIM1/ SIM2 Send key to start the call.
  • Page 11 To make an international call, press * key until pre-fix symbol for international long-distance call appears on the screen. You can enter international phone number according to following sequence: + Country code Complete phone number Send key After pre-fix, enter country code and complete phone number you want to dial. Similar to making an international call, before city code should be removed.
  • Page 12: Contacts

    You can select time for automatic keypad lock via [Settings][Security setup][Auto keypad lock], so that your cell phone can automatically lock the keypad. Once keypad is locked, Press Unlock on the Center Select Key followed by to unlock the keypad. Text input method Your phone provides Six types of input methods: Multitap abc, Multitap ABC, Smart abc, Smart ABC, Numeric, Symbol input.
  • Page 13 Add new contact To add a new contact to SIM card or phone memory. Settings View the Memory status, Preferred storage, Fields, My vCard. Caller groups Set caller groups: Friends, Family, VIP , Business, Others. Speed dial 1.Enable Speed dial, set number keys from 2 to 9. 2.In standby mode, long press number keys to dial the number you set.
  • Page 14: Messages

    Messages Your phone is capable of creating, sending and receiving messages. Text Message Choose from the following options Write Message You can create new text message here in the text editing interface. Y our phone supports Handwriting input, using which you can write the text using the stylus. You may send the message from SIM1 by selecting the option SIM1 done or by SIM2 by selecting SIM2 done.
  • Page 15 message by going to the options on the Left soft key here. Text Message settings View the SIM1 or SIM2 Message Settings: Profile settings, Common settings, Memory status, Preferred storage. Write Message Choose the Write Message option in messages menu. Editing MMS and select a destination number , edit subject, insert picture or audio, video, attachment, bookmark, then Press Done on the Right soft key to enter the send options, Send only, Save and send, Save to Drafts, Save as template, Send options, Exit.
  • Page 16 It provides six options, for example: Compose, Send, Retrieve, Filter, Server profile, Memory status. Chat Chat by sending messages. Email 1.Confirm the correct network 2.Set the Email address, data account, incoming server, outgoing server, user name, password. 3.Receive and send the Email. Voice mail server Voice mail server is a network dependent feature;...
  • Page 17: Logs

    Logs Call history stores information about the Missed calls, Received calls, or Dialed calls. It also adds the total duration of all calls. When the number of calls exceeds the maximum, the latest call replaces the oldest. Settings The settings menu provides you with various setting options to customize the phone to your preferences and needs.
  • Page 18 Use the menu to set time and date. It contains four options: Set home city, Set time/date, Set format, Auto update the date and time. Shortcut Here you find the Shortcut edit screen with the following options:Add, Edit, Delete, Delete all, Disable, Change order Dedicated key Allows you to reset the navigation key shortcuts.
  • Page 19 Language Use the menu to set the language: English. Greeting text Activate the mode, and then edit the greeting text. When powered on, the greeting text will be displayed. Handwriting Use the menu to set the pen speed and pen color. Misc.
  • Page 20: Multimedia

    password of SIM PIN. The default PIN code is 1234. 2 .Phone lock Use the menu to set the phone lock. The default password is 0000. 3. Auto keypad lock Power on the mode, then choose the waiting time. 4. Change password Change the password of the phone.
  • Page 21: Apps

    Left/Right Key: regulate the EV. Number 1 Key: effect settings Number 2 Key: white balance Number 4 Key: night node. Audio player Play the music you stored in the phone or in memory card. Center Select Key: play or pause Left / Right key: Play the previous/next song.
  • Page 22: Fm Radio

    The usage methods of the game can be found in Games help option. Java Install any Java application in the phone, configure the simple settings and Enjoy the java fun on your phone. FM Radio FM Radio Up key: Auto search on/o. Down key: Power on/power off Left/Right key: Change Frequency..
  • Page 23: Services

    Services SIM1/2 STK Here you will find the SIM Tool kits of the two SIM Cards which allows you to use the value added additional services provided by your network operator. Your mobile phone supports wireless application protocol (WAP) Homepage: It opens the selected address in the connection settings. Bookmarks: Allows you to access the webpages stored by you.
  • Page 24 Your mobile phone can set five alarms at most, and hold out the alarm when the phone is power off.In edit mode, press Edit to set the following: Time, Repeat, Audio options, Snooze (minutes) and Alert type for the alarm. Calendar Use the menu to view the date, add task and so on.
  • Page 25: Gallery

    and division. Use the touch screen calculator or make use of the following keys: Left navigation key: Multiplication. Right navigation key: Division. Up navigation key: Addition. Down navigation key: Subtraction. OK/ Equal mark: Press the key to display calculation result. Press Clear on Right soft key to clear the contents you input.
  • Page 26: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Enter the Bluetooth menu to perform the following operations: Power You need to activate the Bluetooth function before you can use it to transfer files. NOTE: If you let the Bluetooth operate in the background while you are using the phone your battery will be affected.
  • Page 27: Care And Maintenance

    With this function, you can see all devices connected with the mobile phone and their link service type. You can interrupt the specified link service. Settings Before using the Bluetooth function, enter this menu to have corresponding Settings: If your mobile phone's Bluetooth function is not activated, you can have activation confirmation.
  • Page 29 Packing List(HG-U56) Content Quantity/unit Handset Battery Travel Charger User manual Headset Data Cable Touch Pen...

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