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Pilot Flame Adjustment - Pitco 35C+ Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Pitco gas fryers operation, and maintenance manual 45c+, 35c+


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To light the pilot light, refer to these instructions.
Wait 5 minutes before attempting to relight the pilot to allow for any gas in the
fryer to dissipate.
a. Open the gas supply valves to the fryer.
b. Open the fryer's door to gain access to the controls. Turn the thermostat control knob
counterclockwise to the OFF position.
c. Turn the Unitrol valve knob to the PILOT position and push in on the
knob. Hold the knob in for approximately one minute to purge the air
out of the line. Hold a flame to the pilot light until the pilot ignites. This
may take a little while the first time you light the fryer because of air in
the lines. Once lit, hold the knob in for approximately 60 seconds and
then release.
d. If the pilot goes out wait 5 minutes and repeat step c. If after three tries the pilot will not
remain lit, refer to the operator troubleshooting section of this manual.
e. Turn the Unitrol valve knob counterclockwise to the ON position.
f. Set the thermostat control knob to the desired temperature setting.
g. The main burner will light and be controlled by the thermostat.
h. To completely shut down the fryer, turn the Unitrol valve knob to pilot, push in and continue
turning to OFF.
Pilot Flame Adjustment - The pilot flame should be adjusted to produce the proper millivolt
output from the pilot sensing device. Millivolt output for the thermopile should be between 300 and
500 millivolts. This procedure is only necessary on the manual pilot ignition system. Figure 1-1 shows
the pilot assembly with examples of the incorrect and correct pilot size. Example A illustrates a pilot
flame size that is too small to produce sufficient millivolt output. Example B is the correct size for proper
millivolt output.
a. This test requires a DC millivolt meter set to a scale of 0-1000mv.
b. Locate the thermopile wires coming from the thermostat/High Limit box going to the gas
shut off valve. The wire insulation size decreases near the gas valve connections.

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