Toshiba BMS-SM1280HTLE Installation Manual

Toshiba BMS-SM1280HTLE Installation Manual

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Installation Manual
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  • Page 1 SMART MANAGER Installation Manual Model name: BMS-SM1280HTLE • Save These Instructions! ENGLISH AMP Air Conditioning |
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Installation Manual Smart Manager • Thank you very much for purchasing this TOSHIBA Smart Manager. • Please read this manual carefully beforehand for proper installation of the Smart Manager. Contents 1 Precautions for Safety........... 3 2 Specifications .
  • Page 3: Precautions For Safety

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Precautions for Safety • Read these “Precautions for Safety” carefully before installation. • The precautions described below include important items regarding safety. Observe them without fail. Understand the following details (indications and symbols) before reading the body text, and follow the instructions.
  • Page 4: Specifications

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Specifications Part name Central Controller Power Unit Model name BMS-SM1280HTLE Power supply 220 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Use bundled power unit. Power consumption Up to 128 units Indoor unit — (Line1: Up to 64 units, Line2: Up to 64...
  • Page 5: Before Installation

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Power Unit 182.7 6-Ø5.5 52.4 Before installation Confirm all the parts on the list below are supplied. Part name Part name Quantity Remarks Central Controller Power unit Installation Manual 11 languages Owner’s Manual English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Chinese.
  • Page 6: Installation Of The Smart Manager

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Installation of the Smart Manager CAUTION • Do not twist communication wires and input/output wires with power wires or bundle them together with power wires in a metal tube. Doing so may cause malfunction. • Install the central controller away from a noise source. Installing central controller Insert a flat-blade screwdriver or the like into Central Controller box...
  • Page 7 Installation Manual Smart Manager Power Unit Installation Method and Orientation There are five installation methods for this power unit as shown below: surface mount and wall mounts. Use the attached screws. No good REQUIREMENT Do not install the unit in any of the following places. •...
  • Page 8 Installation Manual Smart Manager Combining the Central Controller and Power Unit You can combine the central controller and power unit using the supplied brackets as follows in order to control them as one unit Power unit Bracket Panel Combination method Fix the brackets and the central controller box together using the screws on the box.
  • Page 9: Connection Of Power Cables/Earth Wires/Communication Cables

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Connection of Power Cables/Earth Wires/ Communication Cables Connect power cables, communication cables, and earth wires to the specified terminals on the terminal block. REQUIREMENT Attach a round pressure terminal to the end of each wire except those for digital input and output. The power terminals on the central TCC-LINK U1 and U2 controller have polarity.
  • Page 10 Installation Manual Smart Manager Length of stripped power cable Length of stripped TCC-LINK Length of stripped RS-485 Length of stripped digital Input/ communication cable communication cable Output communication wire Attach a round pressure terminal to Attach the supplied clamp filter to the LAN cable. Loosen the screw with the screw the end of each wire of the power * Wind the LAN cable around the clamp filter as shown...
  • Page 11 Installation Manual Smart Manager A connection example of system wiring is shown below. Connection of wiring Here is shown a connection example of smart manager wiring to indoor units, Energy monitoring relay interface, Digital Input/Output relay interface and client PC. Termination setting •...
  • Page 12: Switches For Setting

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Switches for Setting The switches for settings are equipped on the back of the panel. 1 2 3 Must be set ALL ON ALL OFF to OFF Normal NOT CHANGE ALL OFF Fire alram CENTRAL 1 PERMITTED ALL Normal ALL OFF AND CENTRAL 1...
  • Page 13 Installation Manual Smart Manager <DS23> Factory setting: All OFF <1> Smart Manager main/sub selection DS23 OFF: Main 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ON: Sub Normally, this bit is set to OFF. When two Smart Manager units are used as a main unit and a sub unit with the same mode setting, set this bit to OFF (Main) for one unit and to ON (Sub) for the other unit.
  • Page 14 Installation Manual Smart Manager Factory setting: All OFF <DS24> DS24 <1> to <3> Timer input switching 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 These bits switch operation when the weekly timer has changed. • Use (1) and (2) only in the remote control mode. •...
  • Page 15 Installation Manual Smart Manager <DS25> Factory setting: All OFF <1> Always OFF DS25 • Always set this bit to OFF. 2 3 4 <2> Synchronization of zone setting data OFF: With synchronization ON: Without synchronization This bit specifies whether to perform synchronous communication of zone setting data between Smart Managers.
  • Page 16: Central Control Address (Group Number) Setting

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Central Control Address (Group Number) Setting • Central control addresses must be assigned to all air conditioners to be controlled. • Under the control of the Smart Manager, central control address equals group number. <Preparations for central control address (group number) setting> •...
  • Page 17 Installation Manual Smart Manager B Manual setting Set central control addresses (group numbers) manually from the Smart Manager. (1) Press the button and ZONE button simultaneously for at least 4 seconds. (CODE No. C1 flashes.) (2) Check CODE No. C1, and then press the button.
  • Page 18 Installation Manual Smart Manager <Correcting duplicate address> Correct the duplicate address detected through the check using the following procedure. (1) When the duplicate address check has been completed, select CODE No. C1 with the SET TEMP. button. (2) Press the button.
  • Page 19: Mode Setting For Smart Manager

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Mode Setting for Smart Manager Operation mode You can switch the functional mode of the smart manager between the central control mode and remote control mode. The mode is switched with the dip switch DS23-<6>. OFF side: Central control mode This Smart Manager is used as a central control unit.
  • Page 20: Zone Setting

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Zone Setting What is zone? • A zone is a control unit consisting of a combination of any indoor units and the settings of indoor units in a zone can be configured collectively. • You can make up to 64 zones pairing any of up to 64 groups in a line. By using lines 1 and 2, you can set up to 128 zones in total.
  • Page 21: Changing Return-Back Time/Temperature Settings

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Changing Return-Back Time/Temperature Settings What is return-back? When the return-back function is activated, the temperature setting exceeding the return-back temperature will automatically be adjusted to the return-back temperature after a certain period of time to prevent extremely high/ low temperature setting.
  • Page 22: Test Run

    Installation Manual Smart Manager Test Run <Conducting a Test Run for the Smart Manager> • A test run is necessary to confirm that the Smart Manager has recognized air conditioner units after the central control address setting. (1) Turn on the power of all connected air conditioners. (2) Turn on the power of the Smart Manager.
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