Zone Setting - Toshiba BMS-SM1280HTLE Installation Manual

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Smart Manager

Zone Setting

What is zone?
• A zone is a control unit consisting of a combination of any indoor units and the settings of indoor units in a zone
can be configured collectively.
• You can make up to 64 zones pairing any of up to 64 groups in a line. By using lines 1 and 2, you can set up to
128 zones in total.
• As factory setting, each zone contains one group to make zone numbers equal to group numbers.
Setting zones
Register groups in a zone or cancel them.
(1) Change the mode to the zone setting mode.
• Press the
(The displayed zone number flashes and the Smart Manager enters the zone setting mode. Indicates CODE
No. "E1".)
(2) Select the zone to be set.
• Select the zone number to be set with the ZONE
(When the selection has been fixed, the selected zone number lights.)
• When selection of zone has been fixed, the
(3) Change registration of groups in a zone.
Register groups in a zone.
1. Select the group number to be set with the GROUP
button skips the group number by +16 or by -16.
2. Press the
The registered group number stops flashing and lights still.
3. Pressing the
4. To continue registration of groups, repeat this procedure from the 1..
No zone data has been stored at this time. If the ZONE
change is fixed, the set content for registration change is discarded.
(4) Fix the registration change.
Press the
* After the memory write operation has been completed, the Smart Manager exits the zone setting mode.
• Any indoor unit cannot be registered on to two or more zones at the same time.
If you register a group of a zone on to another zone, the group is eliminated from the old zone.
• Zone registration of a group cannot be cancelled. To exclude a registered group from a zone, register it on
another zone.
AMP Air Conditioning
button, and ZONE
button restores the state before the
button. The set content for registration change is stored in the memory.
button simultaneously for at least 4 seconds.
button, and then press the
marks of the group numbers registered in the zone light up.
button. Pressing the SET TEMP.
button is pressed.
button is pressed before the registration |
Installation Manual
button to fix the


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents