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Keep these operating instructions within easy reach of the equipment and make them
available to all users
Whenever measuring or testing has to be performed on live equipment, the regulations
of Safety Code BGV A2 must be observed, in particular §8 "Permissible Deviations
when Working on Live Parts". Suitable electronic tools should be used.
Before installing and commissioning, please read these safety instructions and warnings
carefully and all the warning labels attached to the equipment. Make sure that the
warning labels are kept in a legible condition and replace missing or damaged labels.
Transport & Storage
Correct transport, storage, erection and mounting, as well as careful operation and
maintenance are essential for proper and safe operation of the equipment.
Protect the inverter against physical shocks and vibration during transport and storage. Also
be sure to protect it against water (rainfall) and excessive temperatures (see Table 4-1).
Work on the device/system by unqualified personnel or failure to comply with warnings
can result in severe personal injury or serious damage to material. Only suitably
qualified personnel trained in the setup, installation, commissioning and operation of the
product should carry out work on the device/system.
Only permanently-wired input power connections are allowed. This equipment must be
grounded (IEC 536 Class 1, NEC and other applicable standards).
Only type B ELCBs should be used with Frame Size A to Frame Size F. Machines with
a three phase power supply, fitted with EMC filters, must not be connected to a supply
via an ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit-Breaker - see DIN VDE 0160, section 5.5.2 and
EN50178 section
The following terminals can carry dangerous voltages even if the inverter is inoperative:
The power supply L/L1, N/L2, L3 resp. U1/L1, V1/L2, W1/L3. the motor terminals U, V,
W resp. U2/T1, V2/T2, W2/T3. and depending on the frame size the terminals DC+/B+,
DC-, B-, DC/R+ resp. C/L+, D/L-
This equipment must not be used as an 'emergency stop mechanism' (see EN 60204,
The connection of power, motor and control cables to the inverter must be carried out as
shown in Figure 2-6 Motor and Power Connections on page 21, to prevent inductive and
capacitive interference from affecting the correct functioning of the inverter.
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