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Issue 08/03
Safety Instructions
The following Warnings, Cautions and Notes are provided for your safety and as a means of
preventing damage to the product or components in the machines connected. This section
lists Warnings, Cautions and Notes, which apply generally when handling MICROMASTER
440 Inverters, classified as General, Transport & Storage, Commissioning, Operation,
Repair and Dismantling & Disposal.
Specific Warnings, Cautions and Notes that apply to particular activities are listed at the
beginning of the relevant chapters and are repeated or supplemented at critical points
throughout these sections.
Please read the information carefully, since it is provided for your personal safety and
will also help prolong the service life of your MICROMASTER 440 Inverter and the
equipment you connect to it.
This equipment contains dangerous voltages and controls potentially dangerous rotating
mechanical parts. Non-compliance with Warnings or failure to follow the instructions
contained in this manual can result in loss of life, severe personal injury or serious
damage to property.
Only suitable qualified personnel should work on this equipment, and only after
becoming familiar with all safety notices, installation, operation and maintenance
procedures contained in this manual. The successful and safe operation of this
equipment is dependent upon its proper handling, installation, operation and
Risk of electric shock. The DC link capacitors remain charged for five minutes after
power has been removed. It is not permissible to open the equipment until 5
minutes after the power has been removed.
The following terminals can carry dangerous voltages even if the inverter is inoperative:
The power supply L/L1, N/L2, L3 resp. U1/L1, V1/L2, W1/L3 the motor terminals U, V,
W resp. U2/T1, V2/T2, W2/T3 and depending on the frame size the terminals DC+/B+,
DC-, B-, DC/R+ resp. C/L+, D/L-
HP ratings are based on the Siemens 1LA motors and are given for guidance
only; they do not necessarily comply with UL or NEMA HP ratings.
Children and the general public must be prevented from accessing or approaching the
This equipment may only be used for the purpose specified by the manufacturer.
Unauthorized modifications and the use of spare parts and accessories that are not sold
or recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment can cause fires, electric shocks
and injuries.
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