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Issue 08/03
MICROMASTERS operate at high voltages.
When operating electrical devices, it is impossible to avoid applying hazardous voltages
to certain parts of the equipment.
Emergency Stop facilities according to EN 60204 IEC 204 (VDE 0113) must remain
operative in all operating modes of the control equipment. Any disengagement of the
Emergency Stop facility must not lead to uncontrolled or undefined restart. Certain
parameter settings may cause the inverter to restart automatically after an input power
failure (e.g. automatic restart).
Wherever faults occurring in the control equipment can lead to substantial material
damage or even grievous bodily injury (i.e. potentially dangerous faults), additional
external precautions must be taken or facilities provided to ensure or enforce safe
operation, even when a fault occurs (e.g. independent limit switches, mechanical
interlocks, etc.).
Motor parameters must be accurately configured for motor overload protection to
operate correctly.
This equipment is capable of providing internal motor overload protection in accordance
with UL508C section 42. Refer to P0610 and P0335, i
protection can also be provided using an external PTC (disabled by default P0601).
This equipment is suitable for use in a circuit capable of delivering not more than 10,000
symmetrical amperes (rms), for a maximum voltage of 230V / 460V / 575V when
protected by an H, K, or J type fuse, a circuit breaker or self-protected combination
motor controller. The devices listed in this manual are provided to serve as a guide.
Other devices which meet the requirements of the NEC (such as fuses, circuit breakers
or combination motor controllers) with similar trip characteristics may be used in order to
meet local or national electrical codes .
This equipment must not be used as an 'emergency stop mechanism' (see EN 60204,
Repairs on equipment may only be carried out by Siemens Service Centers.
Any defective parts or components must be replaced using parts contained in the
relevant spare parts list.
Disconnect the power supply before opening the equipment for access
Dismantling & Disposal
The inverter's packaging is re-usable. Retain the packaging for future use.
Easy-to-release screw and snap connectors allow you to break the unit down into its
component parts. You can then re-cycle these component parts, dispose of them in
accordance with local requirements or return them to the manufacturer.
Quick Start Guide
t is ON by default. Motor overload


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