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Position Send; Putting The Radio Into Standby - Uniden MHS135 Owner's Manual

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position request.
4. To disable automatic position reply, repeat the steps
above and select Manual.

Position Send

You can send your boat's position to someone else. If you
are requesting assistance or using an all ships call to give a
safety warning, you can send your current position so other
stations know where you are:
1. Press and hold MENU/CALL to display the Call menu.
2. Select Position Send.
3. The radio displays the names listed in your directory;
use CHANNEL UP and CHANNEL DOWN to choose
the directory entry you want to contact and press
ENTER-H/M/L. If you want to contact a station that is
not in your directory, select Manual. The radio prompts
you to enter the MMSI number you want to call. Enter
the MMSI number the same way you enter directory
entries (see page 22). Enter all nine digits and press
4. The radio displays the MMSI number you are about to
contact and asks you to confirm. If you want to transmit
your position to the displayed MMSI number, select
Send. To cancel the transmission, select Exit.
5. The radio transmits your MMSI number, your longitude,
and your latitude to the other station.

Putting the radio into standby

If you are leaving your radio or do not wish to answer any
DSC calls, you can put your radio in standby mode. If
your radio receives an individual call, it will automatically
respond with a message that indicates your radio is currently
unattended. Follow the steps below to put your radio in
Uniden MHS135 Radio Owner's Manual



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