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Changing The Transmission Level; Digital Selective Calling Features; What Is Dsc - Uniden MHS135 Owner's Manual

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Changing the transmission level

In most situations, 1 W transmission power is all you need.
If you find yourself far away from other stations and have
trouble getting a response, you may need to increase
the transmission power. If your radio is powered by a Li-
Ion battery, you can press and hold the BOOST button to
transmit at 6W. Alkaline battery power boost is limited to
To increase the transmission power in increments:
1. Select the channel you want to transmit on.
2. Press ENTER H/M/L to switch to the next transmission
power level (for example, from 1 W to 2.5 W, from 2.5 W
to 6 W, or from 6 W back to 1 W).
3. The display shows the new transmission power as 6 W,
MID, or LOW. The transmit power remains at the new
setting until you change it again.
# Note: Don't forget to change the transmission setting back to
1 W when you move close to other stations.
Some channels (for example, channels 13 and 67) limit the
transmission power to 1 W. When you tune to a limited-
power channel, the radio automatically switches to 1 W. See
the channel lists starting on page E-23 for a list of power-
restricted channels.


What is DsC?

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is a standard that allows you
to call other stations using their unique identification code
(the Maritime Mobile Service Identity or MMSI number), just
like you would call a phone number. To call another station,
just enter that station's MMSI number and choose the voice
channel you want to talk on. The radio uses channel 70 to
transmit your MMSI number to the other station along with
Uniden MHS135 Radio Owner's Manual



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