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Using Menus - HP -32S Owner's Manual

Rpn scientific calculator.
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Keys for Clearing
Backspace. Erases the last character before the cursor (_) or
backs out of the current menu. For a completed number (no
cursor), (T| clears the entire number. Also clears error
During program entry: deletes the program line.
Clear or Cancel. Clears the displayed number to zero or can
cels the current situation (such as a menu, a message, a
prompt for input, a catalog, or program entry).
The CLEAR menu. Gives you options for clearing data: {x},
{VRRS}, {ALL}, and {2}. These clear: the current num
ber (called "x"), all variables, all of memory, and statistical data.
During program entry, the menu includes {PGM}, which
erases all of program memory.
Using Menus
There is a lot more power to the HP-32S than what you see printed
on the keyboard. This is because almost half of the shifted keys are
menu keys, which, when pressed, offer you several more functions—
or more options for more functions. This extra power is easier to find
than if each function had its own key.
1: Getting Started


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