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Nonprogrammable Functions; Polynomial Expressions And Horner's Method - HP -32S Owner's Manual

Rpn scientific calculator.
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You will see that all of the application programs provided in part 4
include CHKSUM values with each labeled routine so that you can
verify the accuracy of the program entry.
Nonprogrammable Functions
The following functions of the HP-32S are not programmable:
Bl clear I{ALL}
HrGTol R label nn
H/ I B
Hi show i
Polynomial Expressions and Horner's
Some expressions, such as polynomials, use the same variable several
times for their solution. For example, the expression
f(x) = Ax4 + Bx3 + Cx2 + Dx + E
uses the variable x four different times. A program to solve such an
equation could repeatedly recall a stored copy of x from a variable. A
shorter programming method, however, would be to use a stack
which has been filled with the constant (see "Filling the Stack With a
Constant," on page 39 in chapter 2).
Horner's Method is a useful means of rearranging polynomial expres
sions to cut calculation steps and calculation time. It is especially
expedient with SOLVE and /FN, two relatively complex operations
that use subroutines.
S: Simple Programming


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