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Program Memory; Viewing Program Memory; Memory Usage - HP -32S Owner's Manual

Rpn scientific calculator.
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Program Memory
Viewing Program Memory
Pressing Ml prgm Itoggles the calculator into and out of program entry
(PRGM annunciator on, program lines displayed). When program en
try is active, the contents of program memory are displayed.
Program memory starts at PRGM TOP. The list of program lines is
circular, so you can wrap the program pointer from the bottom to the
top and reverse. While program entry is active, there are three ways
to change the program pointer (the displayed line):
• Use the arrow keys, (r] and BE- Pressing (•] at the last line
wraps the pointer around to PRGM TOP, while pressing B® at
PRGM TOP wraps the pointer around to the last program line.
To move more than one line at a time ("scrolling*), continue to hold
the [T) or [T] key.
• Press IGTO 100 to move the program pointer to PRGM TOP.
• Press IGTO 10 label nn to move to a labeled line number < 100.
If program entryis not active (no lines displayed), you can also move
the program pointer by pressing 111 GTO Ilabel.
Canceling program entry does not change the position of the program
Memory Usage
Each program line uses either 1.5 or 9.5 bytes.
• Numbers use 9.5 bytes, except for integer numbers from zero
through 99, which use only 1.5 bytes.
• All other instructions use 1.5 bytes.
5: Simple Programming


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