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Number Of Decimal Places (hldispj) - HP -32S Owner's Manual

Rpn scientific calculator.
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2. Specify the decimal pointby pressing {. } or {, } . For example,
the number one million looks like:
• 1,000,000.0000 if you press { . }, or
• 1.000.000,0000 if you press {, } .
Number of Decimal Places (BIdispI)
All numbers are stored with 12-digit precision,* but you can select the
number of decimal places to be displayed by using the Hi disp I(dis
play) function. The displayed number is rounded according to the
display format. The DISP menu gives you four options:
Fixed-Decimal Format ( {FX}). FIX format displays a number with
up to 11 decimal places (if they fit). After the prompt FIX _, specify
the number of decimal places to be displayed. For 10 or 11 places,
press G] 0 orQ 1.
Decimal places
Any number that is too large or too small to display in the current
setting will automatically be displayed in scientific format.
Scientific Format ({SC}). SCI format displays a number in scien
tific notation (one number before the decimal point) with up to 11
decimal places (if they fit) and up to three digits in the exponent. Af
ter the prompt, SCI _, specify the number of decimal places. (The
integer part will always be less than 10.) For 10 or 11 places, press(]]
Decimal places
Powerjof 10
* During some complicated internal calculations,the calculator uses 15-digit precision for in
termediate results.
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