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Base Conversions And Arithmetic - HP -32S Owner's Manual

Rpn scientific calculator.
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Base Conversions and
The BASE menu (Hi base I) lets you change the number base used for
entering numbers and other operations (including programming).
Changing bases also converts the displayed number to the new base.
The BASE Menu
Menu Label
Decimal mode. No annunciator. Converts numbers to base
10. Numbers have integer and fractional parts.
Hexadecimal mode. HEX annunciator on. Converts num
bers to base 16; uses integers only. The top-row keys
become digits [t] through fTl.
Octal mode. OCT annunciator on. Converts numbers to
base 8; uses integers only. The QT), QD , and unshifted top-
row keys are inactive.
Binary, mode. BIN annunciator on. Converts numbers to
base 2; uses integers only. Digit keys other than Qj] and
(T), and the unshifted top-row functions are inactive. If a
number is longer than 12 digits, then the outer top-row
keys (Q*J and IS+l) are active for viewing windows. (See
"Windows for Long Binary Numbers" in this chapter.)
Examples: Converting the Base of a Number. The following key
strokes do various base conversions.
Convert 125.9910 to hexadecimal, octal, and binary numbers.
10: Base Conversions and Arithmetic


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