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Angle Conversions (d~rad) - HP -32S Owner's Manual

Rpn scientific calculator.
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To convert between decimal fractions and minutes-seconds:
1. Key in the time or angle (in decimal form or minutes-seconds
form) that you want to convert.
2. Press Mh~hms|.
3. Select {*HR} (hours-minutes-seconds to hours) or {*HMS} (hours
to hours-minutes-seconds). The result is displayed.
Example: Converting Time Formats. How many minutes and sec
onds are there in lfr of an hour? Use FIX 6 display format.
WrDispl {FX} 6
711/x I
One-seventh as a deci
mal fraction.
Ml h~hms I {*HMS}
Equals 8 minutes and
34.29 seconds.
BirDispl {FX} 4
Restores FIX 4 format.
Angle Conversions (D~RAD)
The D**RAD (degrees from/to radians) menu operates independently
of the angular mode. When converting to radians, the number in the
X-register is assumed to be degrees. Likewise, when converting to de
grees, the number in the X-register is assumed to be radians.
To convert an angle between degrees and radians:
1. Key in the angle (in decimal degrees or radians) that you want to
2. Press H|d**rad|.
3. Select {*DEG} (radians to degrees) or {+RF1D} (degrees to radi
ans). The result is displayed.
4: Real-Number Functions


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