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Using The Baby Monitor; Setting Up; Night Vision Mode; Video On/Off - Motorola MBP667CONNECT User Manual

With wi-fi internet viewing
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3. Using the Baby Monitor


Setting Up

• Place the Baby Unit in a convenient location (e.g. on a table) and point the
camera lens towards the area you want to monitor.
• Adjust the Baby Unit's camera angle by rotating it up, down, left and right
until you are satisfied with the image that appears on the Parent Unit.
Do not place the Baby Unit within reach of a child or baby. If there is
interference with the picture or sound, try moving the Units to different locations,
and ensure that they are not close to any other electrical equipment.

Night Vision Mode

The Baby Unit has 7 high-intensity infrared LEDs for picking up clear images in
the dark. When the built-in photo sensor on the top of the Unit detects a low level
of ambient light, the LEDs will automatically activate and the screen on the
Parent Unit will display in black and white. The
top of the screen.

Video ON/OFF

Press the VIDEO On/Off button
on or off, but still leaving the audio monitor on.

Talk Mode

Press and hold the TALK button
the Baby Unit's loudspeaker. The
Temperature Display (HH °C / °F or LL °C / °F)
The temperature reading from the temperature sensor at the back of the Baby
Unit will be displayed at the top of the LCD screen. The readings will turn RED if
the temperature goes above 29°C / 84°F or below 14°C / 57°F. The reading will
change to HH °C / °F if the temperature goes above 36°C / 97°F. The reading
will change to LL °C / °F if the temperature falls below 1°C / 34°F.
on the Parent Unit to turn the LCD display
on the Parent Unit to talk to your baby through
icon will be displayed at the top of the LCD
icon will be displayed at the
Using the Baby Monitor

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