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Residual Heat Indicator; Programming The Hob; Switching The Hob On And Off; Setting The Hotplate - Siemens EH6 MK2 Series Instruction Manual

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Residual heat indicator

The hob has a residual heat indicator for each hotplate to show
those which are still hot. Avoid touching a hotplate that displays

Programming the hob

This section will show you how to program the hotplates. The
table contains power levels and cooking times for several

Switching the hob on and off

The hob is turned on and off with the main switch.
To switch on: press the
main switch lights up. The hob is ready for use.
To switch off: press the
main switch disappears. All hotplates are off. The residual heat
indicator stays on until the hotplates have cooled down
Note: The hob switches off automatically when all the hotplates
are switched off for more than 20 seconds.

Setting the hotplate

The desired power level is set in the programming panel.
Power level 1 = minimum power.
Power level 9 = maximum power.
Each power level has an intermediate setting. This is marked
with a dot.

Cooking guidelines

The table below contains some examples.
The cooking times depend on the power level, type, weight and
quality of the food. As such they are approximate.
Power levels influence the cooking results.
Chocolate, chocolate coating, butter, honey
Heating and warming
Stew (e.g., lentils)
Sausages heated in water**
Defrosting and heating
Frozen spinach
Frozen goulash
* Continue cooking without a lid
** Uncovered
EURO Appliances -
symbol. The indicator above the
symbol until the indicator above the
Even when switched off, the
the hotplate remains hot.
If the pan is removed before the hotplate is turned off the /
indicators and the selected power level will appear alternately.
Selecting the power level
The range must be switched on.
Press the
symbol of the desired hotplate. The
symbols light up in the display.
Within the next 10 seconds, slide a finger on the
programming panel until the desired power level lights up.

Changing the power level: select the hotplate and set the
desired level using the programming panel.
Switch off the hotplate
Select the hotplate and set it to
The hotplate turns off and the residual heat indicator appears.
Upon selecting a hotplate the
then proceed to be adjusted.
If no pan has been placed on the induction hotplate, the
selected power level flashes. After a certain time has
elapsed, the hotplate switches off.
Remove purées, creams and thick sauces from time to time, if
they get too hot.
Use power level 9 to begin cooking.
Ongoing cooking
2 -3
2 -3
light will remain on as long as

in the programming panel.
symbol is displayed. It may
Ongoing cooking time
in minutes
5-15 min
20-30 min


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