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Channel List Copy - Philips 50PUT6102 User Manual

61*2 series.
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Select your country or the part of the world where
you are now and press OK.
• Search channel
To find a channel, select Search channel and
press OK. You can enter a frequency yourself to find
a channel or let the TV search for a channel.
Press  (right) to select Search and press OK to
search for a channel automatically. The found
channel is shown on screen and if the reception is
poor, press Search again. If you want to store the
channel, select Done and press OK.
• Fine tune
To fine tune a channel, select Fine tune and
press OK. You can fine tune the channel
with  or  .
If you want to store the channel found,
select Done and press OK.
• Store
You can store the channel on the current channel
number or as a new channel number.
Select Store Current Channel or Store as New
Channel and press OK. The new channel number is
shown briefly.
You can redo these steps until you have found all
available analogue TV channels.

Channel list copy

Channel List Copy is intended for dealers and expert
With Channel List Copy, you can copy the channels
installed on one TV onto another Philips TV of the
same range. With Channel List Copy, you avoid the
time-consuming channel search by uploading a
predefined channel list on a TV. Use a USB flash drive
of minimum 1 GB.
• Both TVs are from the same year range.
• Both TVs have the same hardware type. Check the
hardware type on the TV type plate on the back of
the TV. Typically noted as Q . . . LA
• Both TVs have compatible software versions.
Current software version
To check the cuurent version of the TV software...
1 - Press  , select Update Software and
press  (right) to enter the menu.
2 - Select Current Software Info and press OK.
3 - The version, release notes and creation date are
shown. Also, the Netflix ESN Number is shown if
4 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close
the menu.
Copy a channel list
To copy a channel list...
1 - Switch on the TV. This TV should have channels
2 - Plug in a USB flash drive.
3 - Press  , select General settings > Channel
List Copy and press OK.
4 - Select Copy to USB and press OK. You might
be asked to enter the Child Lock PIN code to copy the
channel list.
5 - When copying is done, unplug the USB flash
6 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close
the menu.
Now you can upload the copied channel list onto
another Philips TV.
Channel list version
Check the current version of the channel list...
1 - Press  , select General settings > Channel List
Copy and press OK.
2 - Select Current
3 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close
the menu.
Upload a channel list
To not installed TVs
Depending on whether your TV is already installed or
not, you must use a different method to upload a
channel list.
To a TV that is not yet installed
1 - Plug in the power plug to start the installation and
select language and country. You can skip the
channel search. Finish the installation.
2 - Plug in the USB flash drive that holds the channel
list of the other TV.
3 - To start the channel list upload, press  ,
select General settings and press OK.
4 - Select Channel List Copy > Copy to TV and
press OK. Enter your PIN code if necessary.
5 - The TV notifies you if the channel list is copied to
the TV successfully. Unplug the USB flash drive.
then press


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