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Smart Tv Apps - Philips 50PUT6102 User Manual

61*2 series.
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locked app, select the app and press OK. The TV will
ask you to enter your 4-digit code.

Smart TV Apps

Open Smart TV
The Smart TV start page is your link to the Internet.
You can rent movies online, read newspapers, watch
videos and listen to music, also shop online, open
your social network page or watch TV programmes
when it suits you with Online TV.
To do this, you open Apps - Internet sites which are
tailored for TV. With your TV connected to the
Internet, you can open Smart TV.
Open Smart TV
To open the Smart TV start page, press  Smart TV .
Alternatively, you can press  Home > Utilities,
select  Smart TV and press OK.
The TV connects to the Internet and opens the Smart
TV start page. This may take a few seconds.
Close Smart TV
To close the Smart TV start page,
press  Home and select another activity.
TP Vision Europe B.V. bears no responsibility
regarding the content and the quality of the content
provided by the content service providers.
Smart TV start page
1 - Now on your TV
2 - Your Apps
3 - App gallery
4 - Internet
5 - Recommended Apps
6 - Search
7 - Colour keys for control
Your Apps
You start Apps from the Smart TV start page. If the
start page does not hold any Apps yet, you can add
Apps from the App gallery.
App gallery
In the App gallery you find all available Apps.
The Internet App opens the World Wide Web on your
On your TV, you can view any Internet website but
most of them are not tailored for a TV screen.
- Some plug-ins (e.g. to view pages or videos) are not
available on your TV.
- Internet pages are shown one page at a time and
full screen.
Recommended Apps
In this window, Philips presents a range of
recommended Apps for your country, Apps for Online
TV or a selection of rental movies from Video stores.
You can select and open them from the
Recommended Apps window.
With Search, you can search the App gallery for
relevant Apps.
Enter a keyword in the text field, select  and
press OK to start searching. You can enter names,
titles, genres and description keywords to search.
Alternatively, you can leave the text field empty and
search for the most popular searches/keywords for a
range of categories. In the list of found keywords,
select a keyword and press OK to search for items
with that keyword.
Open an App
To open an App, you must add it to your list of Apps
in the Smart TV start page first.You can add Apps to
your list from the App gallery.
The list of your Apps on the Smart TV start page can
be several pages long. Use the arrow keys to go to the
next or previous page.
Open an App
To open an App . . .
1 - Press  Home > Utilities >  Smart TV .
2 - On the start page, select an App icon and
press OK.
In an App, press  BACK to go back 1 step or page.
Close an App
To close an App and return to the Smart TV start
page, press  Smart TV .
Reload an App page
If an App page did not load properly,
press  OPTIONS and select Reload to reload
the page.
To zoom in on an App page . . .
1 - Press  OPTIONS and select Zoom page.
2 - Use the slider bar to set the zoom level.
3 - Return to normal view by resetting the slider bar.
View security info
You can check the security level of an App page.
On an App page, press  OPTIONS and
select Security info. If a lock  is shown next to the
loading animation on the bottom of the screen while
loading a page, the transfer is secured.


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