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Network; Network And Internet - Philips 50PUT6102 User Manual

61*2 series.
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Network and Internet

Home network
To enjoy the full capabilities of your TV, your TV must
be connected to the Internet.
Connect the TV to a home network with a high-speed
Internet connection. You can connect your TV
wirelessly or wired to your network router.
Connect to network
Wireless connection
What you need
To connect the TV to the Internet wirelessly, you need
a Wi-Fi router with a connection to the Internet.
Use a high-speed (broadband) connection to the
Make the connection
To make a wireless connection...
Step 1 - Make sure that the router of your wireless
network is switched on.
Step 2 - Press  , select Network and press 
(right) to enter the menu.
Step 3 - Select Connect to network > Start now and
press OK.
Step 4 - Select Connect and press OK.
Step 5 - Select Wireless and press OK.
Step 6 - Select Scan to scan for your wireless
network. If you have a router with WPS (Wi-Fi
Protected Setup), you can select WPS. Select your
choice and press OK.
• Scan
Select Scan to scan for your wireless network (your
wireless router). The TV might find several wireless
networks in your proximity.
If your router has WPS, you can directly connect to
the router without scanning. Go to the router, press
the WPS button and return to the TV within 2 minutes.
Then press Connect to make the connection.
If you have devices in your wireless network that use
the WEP security encryption system, you cannot use
If you must use the WPS PIN code to connect, select
Scan instead of WPS.
Step 7 - In the list of networks found, select your
wireless network and press OK.
If your network is not in the list because the network
name is hidden (you switched off the SSID broadcast
of the router), select Manual entry to enter the
network name yourself.
Step 8 - Depending on the type of router, you can
now enter your encryption key (WEP, WPA or WPA2).
If you entered the encryption key for this network
before, you can select Next to make the connection
If your router supports WPS or WPS PIN, you select
WPS, WPS PIN or Standard. Select your choice and
press OK.
• Standard
Select Standard to enter the encryption key
(password, passphrase or security key) manually.You
can use the keyboard on the remote control to enter
the encryption key. Once you have entered the key,
press Connect.
To make a secured WPS connection with a PIN code,
select WPS PIN and press OK. Write down the 8-digit
PIN code shown and enter it in the router software on
your PC. Return to the TV and press Connect. Consult
the router manual on where to enter the PIN code in
the router software.
Step 9 - A message will be shown when the
connection is successful.
Wireless network not found or distorted
• Microwave ovens, DECT phones or other Wi-Fi
802.11b/g/n devices in your proximity might disturb
the wireless network.
• Make sure that the firewalls in your network allow
access to the TV's wireless connection.
• If the wireless network does not work properly in
your home, try the wired network installation.
Internet does not work
• If the connection to the router is OK, check the
router connection to the Internet.
The PC and Internet connection are slow


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