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Mhl; Smart Tv - Philips 50PUT6102 User Manual

61*2 series.
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All previously connected and also blocked devices
are stored in the Wi-Fi Miracast list of connections. If
you clear this list, all blocked devices will be
To unblock all blocked devices...
1 - Press  , select Network and press OK.
2 - Select Reset Wi-Fi Miracast connections and
press OK. The list is cleared.
3 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close
the menu.
Blocking a previously connected device
If you want to block a device that you previously
connected, you need to clear the Wi-Fi Miracast
connections list first. If you clear this list, you will have
to confirm or block the connection for every device
Screen delay
The normal delay when sharing a screen with
Miracast is about 1 second. The delay might be longer
if you are using older devices with less processing


This TV is MHL™ compliant.
If your mobile device is also MHL compliant, you can
connect your mobile device with a MHL cable to the
TV. With the MHL cable connected you can share
what's on your mobile device on the TV screen. Your
mobile device charges its battery at the same time.
The MHL connection is ideal for watching movies or
playing games from your mobile device on TV for a
longer time.
With the MHL cable connected, your device will
charge while the TV is switched on (not in standby).
MHL Cable
You need a passive MHL cable (HDMI to Micro USB)
to connect your mobile device to the TV. You might
need an extra adapter to connect to your mobile
device. To connect the MHL cable to the TV use
the HDMI 4 MHL connection.
MHL, Mobile High-Definition Link and the MHL Logo
are trademarks or registered trademarks of the MHL,
In Help, press
MHL for more information.

Smart TV

About Smart TV
Connect this TV to the Internet and discover a new
world of television. You can make a wired connection
to your router or you can link up wirelessly with Wi-Fi.
With the TV connected to your home network, a
smartphone can show a photo on TV, you can play
videos stored on your computer or control the TV with
your tablet.
With your TV connected to the Internet, you can
watch a rental video from an online video store, read
the online TV guide or record your favourite TV show
on a USB Hard Drive. The Smart TV Apps add to the
fun with all sorts of entertainment and convenient
What you need
To enjoy Smart TV Apps you must connect the TV to
a router with a high-speed (broadband) connection
to the Internet. You can use a home network
connected to the Internet. You do not need a
For more information, press
up Network.
To enter text or to navigate an Internet page more
easily, you can consider to connect a USB keyboard
and a USB mouse to the TV.
For more information, press
up USB keyboard or USB mouse.
Setup Smart TV
The first time you open Smart TV, you need to
configure your connection. Read and agree to the
terms and conditions to continue. If you do not want
to set up Smart TV, press  BACK.
Parental control
To lock Adult 18+ rated apps . . .
1 - Switch on Smart TV parental control by
selecting Enable and then press OK.
2 - Enter an unlock PIN code of your choice.
3 - Confirm your PIN code.
Adult 18+ rated apps are now locked. To open a
Keywords and look up HDMI
Keywords and look
Keywords and look


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