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Ir Sensor; Batteries; Cleaning - Philips 50PUT6102 User Manual

61*2 series.
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1 -
To open the Netflix App directly. With the TV switched
on or from standby.
2 -  Volume
To adjust the volume level.
3 - Number keys
To select a channel directly.
To switch subtitle on, off or to show automatically.
5 -  Channel
To switch to the next or previous channel in the
channel list. To start the next or previous chapter on a
6 -  Mute
To mute the sound or to restore it.
7 - TEXT
To open or close Text/Teletext.

IR sensor

The TV can receive commands from a remote control
that uses IR (infrared) to send commands. If you use
such a remote control, always make sure you point
the remote control at the infrared sensor on the front
of the TV.
 Warning
Do not put any objects in front of IR sensor of the TV,
it may block the IR signal.


If the TV does not react on a key press on the remote
control, the batteries might be empty.
To replace the batteries, open the battery
compartment on the back of the remote control.
1 - Slide the battery door in the direction shown by
the arrow.
2 - Replace the old batteries with 2
type AAA-R03-1.5V batteries. Make sure the + and
the - ends of the batteries line up correctly.
3 - Reposition the battery door and slide it back until
it clicks.
Remove the batteries if you are not using the remote
control for a long time.
Safely dispose of your old batteries according to the
end of use directions.
For more information, in Help, press the colour
Keywords and look up End of use.


Your remote control is treated with a scratch-resistant
To clean the remote control, use a soft damp cloth.
Never use substances such as alcohol, chemicals or
household cleaners on the remote control.


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