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Watch A Recording - Philips 50PUT6102 User Manual

61*2 series.
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• You can record the digital (DVB) subtitles of channel.
You cannot record subtitles that come from Text
services. To check if digital (DVB) subtitles are
available, tune to the TV channel and
press  OPTIONS , select Subtitle language to
open the list of Subtitles. You can only record a
subtitle language preceded by a DVB icon.

Watch a recording

To watch a recording . . .
1 - Press  Home ,
select Utilities >  Recordings and press OK.
2 - In the list, select the recording and
press  (Play) to start the playback. You can use
the  (Forward),  (Rewind),  (Pause)
or  (Stop) keys on the remote control.
Expired recording
Broadcasters can limit the number of days a recording
can be viewed. A recording in the list can show the
number of days before it expires.
Failed recording
When a scheduled recording was prevented by the
broadcaster or when the broadcast was interrupted, a
recording is marked as Failed.
Delete a recording
To delete a made recording, select the recording in
the list, press
Remove and press OK.
For more information, press
up Record a programme.
Pause TV
You can pause a TV broadcast and resume watching
it later. Only digital TV channels can be paused. You
must connect a USB Hard Drive to buffer the
broadcast. You can pause a broadcast for a maximum
time span of 90 minutes.
For more information, press
up USB hard drive.
Pause or resume a broadcast
To pause a broadcast, press  (Pause). A progress
bar appears briefly on screen.
To call up the progress bar, press  (Pause) again.
To resume watching, press  (Play). The icon on
screen indicates you are watching a paused
Back to the actual TV broadcast
To switch back to the actual TV broadcast,
press  (Stop).
The moment you switch to a digital channel, the USB
Keywords and look
Keywords and look
Hard Drive starts buffering the broadcast. When you
switch to another digital channel, the broadcast of the
new channel is buffered and the broadcast of the
former channel is cleared. When you switch to a
connected device (a Blu-ray Disc player or digital
receiver) the USB Hard Drive stops buffering and the
broadcast is cleared. Also when you switch the TV to
standby the broadcast is cleared.
Whilst recording a programme on the USB Hard Drive,
you cannot pause a broadcast.
Instant replay
Whilst watching a broadcast from a digital TV
channel, you can easily instant replay the broadcast.
To replay the last 10 seconds of a broadcast,
press  (Pause) and press
You can press  repeatedly until you reach the start
of the broadcast buffer or the maximum time span.
Progress bar
With the progress bar on screen, press  (Rewind)
or press  (Forward) to select from where you want
to start viewing the paused broadcast. Press these
keys repeatedly to change speed.
 (Left).


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