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Movie, Photos And Music; From A Usb Connection; From A Computer; Menu Bar And Sorting - Philips 50PUT6102 User Manual

61*2 series.
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Movie, photos and

From a USB connection

You can view your photos or play your music and
videos from a connected USB flash drive or USB Hard
With the TV switched on, plug in a USB flash drive or a
USB Hard Drive to one of the USB connections. The
TV detects the device and will list your media files.
If the list of files does not appear automatically...
1 - Press SOURCES, select  USB and press OK.
2 - Select  USB Devices and press  (right) to
select the USB device you need.
3 - You can browse your files in the folder structure
you have organised on the drive.
4 - To stop playing videos, photos and music,
press EXIT.
If you try to pause or record a programme with a USB
Hard Drive connected, the TV will ask you to format
the USB Hard Drive. This formatting will delete all
current files on the USB Hard Drive.

From a computer

If the TV and the computer are in the same network,
the TV can browse and play files stored on your
On your computer, you need to install media server
software like Twonky™ to share your files with the TV.
The TV shows your files and folders as they are
organised on your computer.
To browse the files on your computer,
press SOURCES , select Network and press OK.

Menu bar and sorting

With a USB device connected, the TV sorts the files by
type. Navigate to the menu bar and select the type of
file you are looking for.
If you browse files from a computer, you can only
browse the files and folders as they are organized on
the computer.
The menu bar
Navigate to the menu bar and select the type of file
you want to watch or play.
Select  Photos ,  Music or  Movie .
Alternatively, you can open the  Folders view
and browse your folders to look for a file.
To browse your photos by date, month, year or
alphabetically by name, press
To browse your music by album, artist, genre or
alphabetically by name, press
Videos are sorted alphabetically.

Play your movie

Play movie
• To play a video, select  Movie in the menu bar,
select a video and press OK.
• If there are more videos in the same folder,
Play all to play all videos in this folder.
• To jump to the next or previous
video, press  + or  - .
• To pause the video, press OK. Press OK again to
• To make a 10-second jump forward or backward in a
video, press  or  .
• To rewind or go fast forward, press  or  . Press
the keys several times to speed up - 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x,
• To stop the video playback, press  (Stop).
To view info on a video (playhead position, duration,
title, date, etc.), select the video and press  INFO .
Press again to hide the info.
Movie options
During the video playback, press  OPTIONS to...
• Subtitles
• Subtitle language
• Audio language
• Character set
• Status
• Repeat
• Subtitle settings
Sort .
Sort .


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