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HP G3 KVM User Manual: Exiting Screen Saver Mode; Activating Screen Saver Mode Without Password Protection

Console switch.
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Enter help in the password field. A dialog box appears with a Hewlett Packard Enterprise technical
support phone number, a 16-bit key, and the EID number of the console switch.
Call Hewlett Packard Enterprise technical support
on page 74). Give the service person your 16-bit key and EID number of the console switch. A
one-time unlock code, which is specific to your console switch, is given to you.
Enter the one-time unlock code in the field.
Click OK. Your previous console switch password is deleted.

Exiting screen saver mode

To exit the Screen Saver mode, press any key or move the mouse. The Main dialog box
Main dialog
box" on page 22) is displayed.

Activating Screen Saver mode without password protection

If your KVM Console Switch does not require a password to gain access to the Security dialog box
("Accessing the Security dialog
If your KVM Console Switch is password protected, refer to the Deactivating the Screen Saver (on
page 31) section, then go to step 2.
Select Enable Screen Saver.
Enter the number of minutes for Inactivity Time (1 to 99) to delay activation of the screen saver.
(Optional) Click Test to activate the screen saver test, which lasts 10 seconds, then returns you to
the Security dialog box.
Click OK to save settings.
CAUTION: Monitor damage can result from the use of energy mode with monitors not
compliant with Energy Star®.
NOTE: No server is selected after the activation of the screen saver mode disconnects the
user from a server. The status flag displays Free.
("Accessing Hewlett Packard Enterprise
box" on page 28), proceed to step 2.
("Accessing the
Local port operation 30


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