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HP G3 KVM User Manual: Terminal Operation; Terminal Operation Overview; Network Configuration; Console Main Menu Options

Console switch.
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Terminal operation

Terminal operation overview

Each switch can be configured at the switch level through the Terminal Console menu interface, which is
accessed by establishing a terminal session through the DIAG port. All terminal commands are accessed
through a terminal screen or a PC running terminal emulation software.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends making configuration updates in the OSD or OBWI.
To connect a terminal to the switch:
Using a DB9 M/F serial adapter, connect a terminal or a PC that is running terminal emulation
software, such as HyperTerminal software, to the DIAG port on the back panel of the switch. The
terminal settings are 9600 bps, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and no flow control.
Power up the switch and each target device. When the switch completes initialization, the Console
menu displays the following message: Press any key to continue.

Network configuration

To configure network settings using the Console menu:
When powering on the switch, the switch initiates for approximately one minute. After completing
initialization, press any key on the terminal or on the computer running the terminal emulation
software to access the Console menu interface.
Connect the terminal at any time, even when the switch is already powered on.
When the Console Main menu appears, press the number key corresponding to Network
Configuration, and then press the Enter key.
Press the 1 key, and then press the Enter key to set the network speed. For best performance, set
the switch at the same speed as the Ethernet switch to which it is attached. Press the Enter key to
return to the Console Network Configuration menu.
Press the 2 key, and then press the Enter key to specify whether the switch uses a static or BOOTP
A static IP configuration might be used to provide a user-defined IP address, netmask or prefix
length, and default gateway for the switch.
BOOTP is a protocol that automates the configuration of TCP/IP-enabled computers. When
selecting BOOTP, the IP address, netmask or prefix length, and default gateway settings are
automatically assigned to the switch and cannot be modified by a switch user.
If using the BOOTP option, configure the BOOTP device to provide an IP address to the switch, and
then go to step 6.
Select the remaining options from the Network Configuration menu to finish the configuration of the
switch with an IP address, netmask or prefix length, and default gateway.
Press the 0 key, and then press the Enter key to return to the Console Main menu.

Console Main Menu options

In addition to the Network Configuration option, the Console Main menu of the switch feature the following
menu items:
Firmware Management (on page 68)
Terminal operation 67


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