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Restore Factor Y Setting; Partial Restoration; Full Restoration; Recording Setting - KERUI G18 User Manual

Gsm alarm system
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3.8.10 Restore Factor y Setting

In the system setting page, press【up/down】key to move cursor to the【Restore
Factor y Settings】. Then,press【OK】button or press key【0】directly to enter into
the Restore Factor y Setting page , as shown in Figure 3-16. Partial Restoration

After entering into Restore Factor y Setting page, press 【OK】button, the host will
remind whether to restore factor y settings. After restoring factor y setting, the
remote controls and detectors added before would not be deleted, but all the
other parameters will be restored to the factor y state. Full Restoration

After entering into Restore Factor y Setting page, press【2】key and then long
press【OK】key until a host reboot is completed. In this situation, all the remote
controls and detectors will be deleted and all the parameters will be restored to
factor y state, as shown in Figure 3-17.

3.9 Recording Setting

Host will play the preset recording after dialing the preset alarm number . And the
recording setting method is as below:
Message Record
Press 1 to start recording
ESC. Return
Picture 3-18
On main menu. as shown in picture 3-18, press【UP/DOWN】key to move the
cursor at【Recording】, then press key【OK】or number 4 directly to enter recording
setting page, as shown in picture 3-19; On recording setting page, press key【
BACK】to return to the main menu; Press any key to start recording. The recording
time is 10s, as shown in picture 3-20. The recording should be brief, e.g. " This is
XXX's house, it 's intruded illegally, please help".
Host will exit automatically after 10s, and user can press any key to end recording
during recording process.

3.10 Zone Management

On the main menu page, as shown in Figure 3-21, press [Up / Down] key to move
the cursor to the zone management. Press [OK] button or press number 5 directly
to enter zone management page, as should in Figure 3-22 . Then input the zone
number (1-99) and press [OK] to enter the next level menu. Zone attribute setting
mainly includes networking feature code setting, built-in siren on/off setting , zone
Message Record
Message Record
ESC. Return
ESC. Return
Picture 3-19
Picture 3-20
type setting, dialing group when alarming and wired zones open/closed alarms,
etc as shown in Figure 3-23. The setting is as follows:
Zone Settings
Enter Number(00-99):01
ESC. Return
Picture 3-21
Picture 3-22

3.10.1 Network Even Code

After entering next level menu, input event code in the Networking Event Code.
100 means medical aid, 110 represents fire, 121 denotes robber y, 122 denotes
a noiselessly rob, 130 represents burglar y, 131 denotes the perimeter burglar y,
151 denotes gas leakage. Press OK to save.

3.10.2 Internal Siren On/off

After entering the next menu, press
key to switch ON and OFF and then press
save. If you select Off, it indicates that host will not alert when the detectors in
that Zone receives alarms.

3.10.3 Set Zone Type

After entering the next level menu, press DOWN
key or press numbers directly to select: 【1】Normal,【2】
Type . Press
【8】Help the Senior, then press key[ OK] to save.

3.10.4 Set Sub Zone Dialing

After entering the next menu, press
Dialing . Input user number when this Zone alarms. It can be any desired phone
groups among 123456, but if the zone type is for
is fixed to help number and can't be set, then press

3.11 Clock Management

On the main page, press
Up / Down
management , then press the
OK button or press number 6 to enter clock
management page. Press
Menu button to switch the display format of the
date, and press
Up / Down
key to switch among year, month, date, hour,
minute and second; Press numeric key to input the numbers then press
to save, as shown in Figure 3-24.
Zone Settings
Zone Settings
CID Event code:130
Zone dial:123456
ESC. Return
ESC. Return
Picture 3-23
key to move the cursor to
key to move cursor to
key to move the cursor to
Help the Senior , the group
to save.
key to move the cursor to

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