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Chapter Three Operation&Setting; Initial Power-On; Arm; Disarm - KERUI G18 User Manual

Gsm alarm system
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Display "Disarm"
Display "Arm"
Display "Home Arm"
TFT color
Display "XX Zone is alarmings"
Display "97 Zone is alarmings"
SIM icon is blinking
Chapter Three Operation&Setting

3.1 Initial Power-on

According to the installation method, insert the SIM card to the card slot of the
host panel, then connect host with power and long press [ON/OFF] button. Now
then, host voice prompts " Welcome to smart voice alarm". At the same time the
host starts self-testing GSM network, "GSM signal LED" flashing (flash once for 1S)
when searching the GSM Signal.Until network working properly, SIM Card icon will
disappear, means GSM signals and SIM card working normal. If it keep flashing
means not detecting SIM card or something is wrong with SIM card.

3.2 Arm

Arm refers to a full range of on-site alarm detection alert when nobody at home;
All detectors are in working state, when there is danger ( theft, fire, gas leak etc )
trigger the detectors, the host alarms immediately. After arming operation, it
displays and locks "ARM" icon.
Remote Control operation: press key [ARM] once.
Keyboard operation: press key [ARM] once.

3.3 Disarm

Disarm refers to host panel stops the alarm or make the alarm system in a non-
alert state. After disarming, when detectors are triggered, but host doesn't alarm
(except the detectors of emergency zones and the emergency button on remote
control). After disarming operation, it displays and locks "Disarm" icon.
Remote Control operation: press key [Disarm].
Keyboard operation: press key [Disarm].

3.4 Home Arm

Home Arm refers to when someone at home, and for safety, the detectors in the
perimeter area like doors, windows, balconies are in working state but the detectors
indoor don't work in case of the false alarm if triggered by user himself, then the
user chooses Home Arm to let some detectors work and other detectors not work.
Home Arm function needs to be set that is the defense zones of the interior
Host is disarming
Host is arming
Host is home arming
Host is alarming with specific defense zone
97 Zone is alarmed by tampering or
moving the Host. Anti-tamper alarm.
Host did not detect SIM card
detectors should be changed to be Home Arm zones in order to work properly.
After Home Arm operation, it displays and locks " Home Arm" icon.
Remote Control operation: press key [STAY].
Keyboard operation: press key [ARM] twice

3.5 Emergency Alarm

When an emergency occurs, press panic key on the remote control to enter
emergency alarm state.
Note: if the host password keyboard protection function is turned on, the password
needs to be input before the operation to the keyboard, and the initial password
is 1234.

3.6 Set Phone No.

The host can maximum set 6 groups alarm No., 2 groups CID No., 3 groups Help
No., 6 groups SMS message No. The maximum length of evey group phone No.
is 30 digits. Please find settings as below:
Number Settings
13-11-08 THU
Picture 3-1

3.6.1 Set Alarm Phone No.

As shown in picture 3-1, press key【UP/DOWN】to select 【1. Alarm Phone No.】
and press key【OK】 or input 1, then input group number (1-6), then input phone
Number Settings
1.Alarm numbers
2.CID numbers
3.Help numbers
4.SMS numbers
5.Voice calls
ESC. Return
ESC. Return

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Table of Contents

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