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KERUI ENKLOV W1 Instruction Manual

Wifi/pstn alarm system
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WIFI/PSTN Alarm System Instruction



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  Summary of Contents for KERUI ENKLOV W1

  • Page 1 WIFI/PSTN Alarm System Instruction ENKLOV-W1...
  • Page 2 Foreword Thanks for purchasing Kerui W1 alarm system. Installing the W1 alarm system is easy and quick. Before using the product, we recommend reading the instruction firstly. There are some parts of the installation which have to be done in right order to...
  • Page 3 Features  WiFi and Landline/PSTN friendly alarm system  Support 2.4G WIFI wireless network  Push notification,phone all alarm for both IOS/Android operating system.  Support 8 zones alarm customization  Support 3 emergency number  Expandable up to 64 sensors,8pcs remote tags ...
  • Page 4 Table of Contents Overview of Main Panel--------------------------------------------------------------6 Installation Instruction---------------------------------------------------------------7 Setting Instruction---------------------------------------------------------------------8 Download APP-------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Register Account-----------------------------------------------------------------------9 Wifi Configuration ---------------------------------------------------------------------11 App Operation--------------------------------------------------------------------------14 Device Information---------------------------------------------------------------------14 Settings------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 Arm/Disarm/Stay Alarm-----------------------------------------------------------------16 SmartHome--------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 Alarm Number-----------------------------------------------------------------------------17 Zone Set--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 Alarm Blog------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 Monitor----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 Accessory Installation and Setup----------------------------------------------------------21 1.Remote Control Overview------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 Setup----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 2.Door/Window Sensor Overview----------------------------------------------------------------------------------21...
  • Page 5 3.PIR Sensor Overview-------------------------------------------------------------------------------24 Setup------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25 Installation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------25 Installation Notice---------------------------------------------------------------------27 4.Strobe Siren Overview-----------------------------------------------------------------------------27 Setup-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------27 Volume Adjustment-----------------------------------------------------------------28 Trouble Shooting------------------------------------------------------------------29 Specification-------------------------------------------------------------------------30 Terms of Warranty------------------------------------------------------------------30...
  • Page 6: Overview Of Main Panel

    Overview of Main Panel Arm/Disarm Button: Short press to change the status of arm/disarm/stay. Setting Button :Short press: learn the remote and detector;Long press: enter the status of WIFI setting up. Transmit Button: Short press: enter the transmit status of wireless alarm siren and relay.Long press: Power ON/OFF.
  • Page 7 Installation Enklov-W1 is WIFI and Landline dual-network alarm system.When an intrusion triggered alarm,the main panel will first send a push warning notification to application in your phone,then the emergency phone numbers you have pre-added will be called by landline.Please make sure alarm panel has been connected to PSTN land line to ensure phone call alarm,or there is only App notification if panel just connect with Wifi.
  • Page 8: Setting Instruction

    Settings Instruction 1)Download App: Search keyword“W1 Alarm System”in App store or Google Play. Download and install the App. IOS: Android: Warm Tips:Tap “Allow” to allow receiving notification from “W1 Alarm”...
  • Page 9: Register Account

    2)Register Account. Register one account if you are first to use the app. The steps as below(for IOS for example): Method1: Phone Register 1.Type into phone No. and Image code, then click “Get SMS Code”; 2.Your phone will receive SMS verification code within 60 seconds; 3.Type SMS verification code and your password, then click “Confirm”...
  • Page 10 Method2: E-mail Register (Recommend) 1. Type into Email and password,then click “Confirm”, register finished. 2. Once finished registration,will send a registration confirmation e-mail to your mail box . Note: You can share your login account with your family members on condition that you and your family members are all using same operating system phone.
  • Page 11: Wifi Configuration

    3)Wifi Configuration Note: During configuration, wifi network of your phone should be same with WIFI network of the panel, or cellphone can’t recognize the alarm panel. Enklov-W1 doesn’t support wifi of 5GHz, and WiFi connection works on 2.4GHz band. 1) After account registration,you will enter into device list. 2) Click “+”, choose “I want to configure new device”.
  • Page 12 4) Long pressing the“SET ”key on main panel,the white light will flash,then click “Start Configure”enter into configuration process , then the APP will start the 60 seconds of countdown.
  • Page 13 4) If configuration success, the APP will turn to the “device list”, and there is device under “Find New Device”; Then click button bind button for equipment binding. 5)Password of Device, enter into system. Click device you have bound under "Bound Device",input correct passwords( (original password:123456),you will enter into the operation page.
  • Page 14: App Operation

    APP Operation 1)Device Information You an find device application version,user account login password and help page, online device list here.
  • Page 15: Settings

  • Page 16: Arm/Disarm/Stay Alarm

    3).Arm/Disarm/Stay Alarm Tap"Arm" icon,the sensors synchronized with alarm panel will be armed; Tap"Disarm"icon, the sensors synchronized with alarm panel will be disarmed; Tap"Stay Arm" icon, the PIR motion sensors will be disarmed,and door/window sensors will be in arm state. 4).Smart Home This is for smart sockets,this function is not available for this alarm system.You can skip this part.
  • Page 17: Alarm Number

    5).Alarm Number Click "Add One "to add emergency number or click “Delete” to delete phone numbers; 3 numbers can be added in total. About Alarm Notification: When the alarm is activated, all pre-added phone numbers will receive the push notification firstly, if no one click “Disarm” ,then emergency numbers will receive alarm phone call by landline.
  • Page 18: Zone Set

    6)Zone Set There are 8 Zones in total.Support rename different zone,rename sensors name,zone property name, then hub will tell you exactly what happened and which door, window or cabinet just opened so that you can track and make better informed decisions. “Rename Zone”...
  • Page 19 “Arm Delay Times”“Alarm Delay Times” “Alarm Duration” Arm delay times means delay time from disarm or stay arm to Arm. Alarm delay times means delay time alarm notification delay time. Alarm Duration means rings time.
  • Page 20: Alarm Blog

    “Parts”: Add or delete sensors in zones. Click blue“+”to add to sensors and support rename sensor name. Red“X”means sensors have been bound with panel successfully. 7).Alarm Blog The latest alarm records will be tracked in alarm blog 8).Monitor Monitor function is not available for this system, you can skip this parts.
  • Page 21: Accessory Installation And Setup

    Accessory Installation and Setup 1)Remote Control Overview Remote Control Setup Bind :Find “Remote Management” under zone set page, click blue “+”, there will be human voice remind “Add remote control”, then click any button of remote tag, there will be human voice remind” Add successfully program”. Delete: Click red”X”...
  • Page 22: Door/Window Sensor Overview

    2)Door/window Sensor Overview...
  • Page 23: Setup

    Door/window Sensor Setup Bind: 1,There are triangle marks on the side of the transmitter and magnet. Make sure the triangle marks is close to each other at the first step. Enter into zone set to find “Parts” and add to sensors.Click blue “+”, there will be human voice remind “add xx zone”, then separate the magnet from transmitter,led light in transmitter will be on in Red.
  • Page 24: Installation

    Door/window Sensor Installation: Make sure the contact works properly before installing it. There are triangle marks on the side of the transmitter and magnet. Make sure the triangle marks is close to each other. Once the transmitter and magnet is separated around 2cm by intruder,the LED light in transmitter will be on in Red.
  • Page 25: Setup

    PIR Sensor Setup Bind: Enter into zone set to find “Parts” and add to sensors.Click blue “+”, there will be human voice remind “add xx zone”, then turn on PIR motion sensor led light in sensor will be on in Red. You will heard human voice “Add successfully program”. Delete: Click red”X”...
  • Page 26 2.Fix the sensor Fix the installation bracket on the wall with screws, then fit the groove at the back of the sensor on the bracket. You can adjust bracket angle to achieve the best detection effect. 3.Mount the PIR sensor in proper angle.
  • Page 27: Installation Notice

    It’s recommended to mount it at height of 2.2m from ground, and to be installed indoors in a corner as far as possible in order to obtain the ideal detection range. The sensitivity is optimal when the walk direction is vertical to the infrared direction.Choose the best location and angle according to the actual situation.
  • Page 28: Setup

    Strobe Siren Setup Bind Please add to siren under “DisArm” status and don’t trigger any detectors during pairing. 1,Press SET button on siren and hold for 3s,beep once ,LED light in siren will be on and enter into pairing mode. 2,Then press (Arm) button on main panel,siren beep twice and pairing successfully.
  • Page 29: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble Shooting Q:No phone call when alarming A:Please check if main panel has been connected to landline. Phone line is necessary for phone call, or only receive push notification when connected to wifi. Q:What’s the app called for the app store and android googleplay? A: App name for both Ios and Googplay is “W1 alarm system”...
  • Page 30: Specification

    Specifications W1 Alarm Panel: Main panel is the heart of system that is responsible for receiving and processing signal from sensors.When alarm is activated,the sound from internal siren of panel will deter intruder. Meanwhile, it will send push notification to your smartphone first,then call your emergency phone number pre-added in application.You can arm/disarm or stay arm on main panel or application directly.
  • Page 31 Power Supply:23A 12V Alkaline(Included) Transmitting Distance: minimum 100m Installation:≤15mm between 2 parts. Wireless Remote Control: With remote control,you can set arm/disarm or stay at home arm mode,and make emergency alarm. Power Supply:CR2032 battery(included) Works at a range of around 80meter Operation Freq: 433MHz source from