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Remote Control Operation Method; Chapter Seven Technical Parameters; Technical Parameters; Factor Y Default Zone Type - KERUI G18 User Manual

Gsm alarm system
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Note: both monitoring and speaking time are 20 seconds. Press 3 key to continue
【 】
monitoring. Press 5 to continue speaking within 20s.

6.2 Remote control operation method

User can use any phone to call the phone number of the phone card on the host.
After a ringing cycle the host will automatically get through. After hearing prompt ,
enter password(host factor y default is "1234", there would be a prompt when
imputing the wrong password. The system will automatically hang up if the third
time is still incorrect). You will hear a prompt when password is correct. Then, press
following keys to control the corresponding functions:
Key [1]: Arming
Key[2]: Disarming
Key[4]: Monitoring Off
Key [5]: Speaker On
Key [7]: Siren On
Key[8]: Siren Off
Key[10]: Ganged Socket Off
Key [*]: Exit and hang up. The system would not dial next phone number.
Note: both monitoring and speaking time are 20 seconds. Press 3 key to continue
【 】
monitoring. Press
to continue speaking within 20s.

Chapter Seven Technical Parameters

7.1 Technical Parameters

Input Voltage: USB5V
Standby Current:<60mA
Alarm Current:<300mA
Wireless Frequency:433MHz
GSM Standard:Support GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz
Backup Batter y: 3.7V 800mA Lithium Batter y
Standby hours: 8h
Alarm Loudness:80dB
Wireless distance: 100 meters(in open area)

7.2 Factor y default zone type

Normal Zone STAY Zone
01-59 Zone 60-79 Zone 80-89 Zone
【 】
Key [3]: Monitoring On
Key[6]: Speaker Off
Key [9]: Ganged Socket On
【 】
Help the
Senior Zone
90 Zone
91 Zone
92 Zone
93-99 Zone

7.3 System factor y default

System Password
Remote control
Alerting time
1 Minute
Delay Arm
0 Seconds
1-99 Zone Alarm Message
XX Zone Alarm

Chapter Eight Install Detectors

8.1 Installation and Usage of Door Sensor

Door sensor is used for sensing the closing and opening state of the door, and
is consisted of transmitter and magnet two parts. It can be installed on doors,
windows or any object that can be closed and opened. When transmitter is
separated from the magnet, door senser will send alarm signal to alarm panel,
host will alarm.
The door contact should be installed on the movable door or windows. Firstly,
make the installation position clean. Take out wireless door sensor, then stick the
double faced adhesive tape on the bottom. The installation should note the
following items:
1.The door sensor part A (transmitter) and part B (magnet) should be installed
separately, that is, A on fixed door and B on movable door.
2. A and B should be in the same vertical line and the distance between A and
B should not be greater than 1 cm.
3. After the installation, the indicator light flashes for 1s as the door open, that
means the door sensor is installed successfully.
SMS Message
Remote Alarm
Delay Alarm
0 Seconds
Alarm Alerting
1-99 Zone Alarm

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