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AEG FOEN HT 5608 Instruction Manual page 19

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• This appliance may be used by children aged from 8 years up
and by persons with reduced physical, sensory, or mental ca-
pabilities or lack of experience and knowledge proved they
do so under supervision or have been given instructions on
how touse the appliance safelyand understand the hazards
• Children must not play with the appliance.
• Cleaning and user maintenance must not be carried out by
children, unless they are supervised.
• The nozzles become hot during operation!
• If the hair dryer is used in the bathroom, disconnect it from the
mains after use as nearby water presents a hazard. This also ap-
plies if the appliance is switched off.
• Please ensure that the inlet grille remains free of fluff and hairs.
Danger of fire!
• As additional protection we recommend the installation of a
fault current protection device (FI/RCD) with a rated current of
not more than 30 mA in the wiring system of the bathroom.
Please contact an authorised electrician for advice.
Supplied parts
1 Hair dryer
1 Wall bracket
2 Screws
2 Plugs
1 Washer
Wall bracket
The bracket is designed to be mounted on the wall. Check
that all parts are in the box.
Ensure that no electrical cables or water pipes are located
at the point in the wall where you want to mount the
• Measure the distance between the two holes on the
bracket and drill two holes at this distance into the wall.
• Insert the plug into the wall.
• Mount the bracket with the screws. The washer is pro-
vided for the top screw.
• Place the hair dryer into the wall bracket. The dryer must
click into place.
• To remove the hair dryer, press at the same time with
both fingers on the side buttons of the bracket.