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Installing The Controller - HP MSM720 Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
Ensure all port covers are installed when the port is not in use.
There are no user-serviceable parts inside these controllers. Any servicing, adjustment,
maintenance, or repair must be performed only by trained service personnel.
These controllers do not have a power switch; they are powered on when the power cable is
plugged in.

Installing the controller

These steps summarize your controller installation. The rest of this chapter provides details on these
"Prepare the installation site" (page
will be installing the controller is properly prepared, including having the correct network
cabling ready to connect to the controller and having an appropriate location for the controller.
"Verify the controller passes self-test" (page
observe that the LEDs on the controller front panel indicate correct controller operation.
"Installing the controller" (page
in an equipment cabinet, on a wall, or on a horizontal surface.
"Connect the controller to a power source" (page
it into the main power source.
"Connect the network cables" (page
network devices to the controller ports.
"Installing or removing optional mini-GBICs" (page
mini-GBICs. Depending on where you install the controller, it may be easier to install the
mini-GBICs first.
Prepare the installation site
Cabling Infrastructure: Ensure the cabling infrastructure meets the necessary network
specifications described in
Installation location: Before installing the controller, plan its location and orientation relative
to other devices and equipment:
The front of the controller requires at least 7.6 cm (3 inches) of space for the twisted-pair
The back of the controller requires at least 3.8 cm (1 1/2 inches) of space for the power
The sides of the controller, must have at least 7.6 cm (3 inches) of space for cooling.
Verify the controller passes self-test
Before installing the controller in its network location, verify that it passes its self-test.
Use of other adapters or power cables, including those that came with other HP Networking
products, can result in damage to the equipment.
"Cabling and safety standards" (page 21)
Use only the AC/DC power adapter and power cable supplied with the controller.
9). Make sure the physical environment into which you
9). Plug the controller into a power source and
11). The controller can be mounted in a 19-inch telco rack,
13). Once the controller is mounted, plug
14). Using the appropriate network cables, connect the
14). The controller has two slots for installing
Installing the controller

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents