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The controller supports these mini-GBICs:
HP X1 12 100M SFP LC BX-D Transceiver J9099B
HP X1 12 100M SFP LC BX-U Transceiver J9100B
HP X1 1 1 100M SFP LC FX Transceiver J9054B
HP X121 1G SFP LC SX Transceiver J4858C
HP X121 1G SFP LC LX Transceiver J4859C
HP X122 1G SFP LC BX-D Transceiver J9142B
HP X122 1G SFP LC BX-U Transceiver J9143B
HP X121 1G SFP LC LH Transceiver J4860C
the controller powered on, a reset will not occur. However, HP recommends that you not perform
rapid hotswaps. Wait a few seconds for the Mode LED to turn on and then turn off (during
Use only supported genuine HP mini-GBICs with your controller. Non-HP mini-GBICs are not
supported and their use can result in product malfunction. Contact your HP Networking Sales and
Service Office or authorized dealer for additional HP mini-GBICs.
The mini-GBIC slots are shared with 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 ports. When a mini-GBIC is
installed in a slot, the associated RJ-45 port is disabled and cannot be used.
Ensure the fiber network cable is not connected when you install or remove a mini-GBIC.
Installing mini-GBICs
Remove the protective plastic cover and retain it for later use. Hold the mini-GBIC by its sides and
gently insert it into either of the slots on the controller until the mini-GBIC clicks into place.
beam coming from the transmit port.
Hot swapping of transceivers is supported. If you install or remove a transceiver with
The HP mini-GBICs are Class 1 laser devices. Avoid direct eye exposure to the laser
Installing the controller

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents