Installing The Controller - HP MSM720 Installation Manual

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2 Installing the controller

Observe the following precautions when installing the controller.
For indoor use only. The controller, AC power adapter, and all connected cables are not
designed for outdoor use.
The HP mini-GBICs are Class 1 laser devices. Avoid direct eye exposure to the beam coming
from the transmit port.
The rack or cabinet must be adequately secured to prevent it from becoming unstable and/or
falling over.
Install products as low as possible in a rack or cabinet, with the heaviest devices at the bottom
and progressively lighter devices installed above.
If installing on a wall, mount the controller with the network ports facing up (away from the
floor). Do not wall-mount the controller with the network ports facing down (toward the floor)
or ventilation ducts facing up or down.
LAN cables might occasionally be subject to hazardous transient voltages (such as lightning
or disturbances in the electrical utilities power grid). Handle exposed metal components of
the network with caution.
Ensure that the power source circuits are properly grounded, and use the power cable supplied
with the controller to connect it to the power source.
Use only the AC/DC power adapter and power cable supplied with the controller for
connection to an AC power source. Use of other adapters or improper power cables, including
those that came with other HP Networking products, can result in damage to the equipment.
If your installation requires a different power cable than the one supplied with the controller,
ensure that the cable is adequately sized for the controller's current requirements. In addition,
be sure to use a power cable displaying the mark of the safety agency that defines the
regulations for power cables in your country. The mark is your assurance that the power cable
can be used safely with the controller. If the supplied power cable does not fit, contact HP
Networking support.
Connect the controller to an AC outlet that is easily accessible in case the controller must be
powered off.
Do not install the controller in an environment where the operating ambient temperature might
exceed 45°C (1 13°F). This includes a fully-enclosed rack. Ensure that the air flow around the
sides and back of the controller is not restricted.
Hot swapping transceivers is supported. You can install or remove a transceiver with the
controller powered on, a reset will not occur. However, HP does not recommend rapid
hotswaps. Wait a few seconds for the Mode LED to turn on and then turn off (during
Use only supported genuine HP mini-GBICs with your controller. Non-HP mini-GBICs are not
supported and their use can result in product malfunction. Should you require additional HP
mini-GBICs, contact your HP Networking Sales and Service Office or authorized dealer.
Installing the controller

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents