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HP MSA 2040 Replacement Instructions

Controller module.
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HP MSA/P2000 Controller
Module Replacement
This document details procedures for replacing a failed
controller module in an HP Modular Smart Array system.
© Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Printed in the US.
HP Part Number: 718625-001
Published: June 2013
Edition: 1
About this document
The Storage Management Utility (SMU) and the
Command Line Interface (CLI) can be used to
manage the enclosure. Tasks in this document
demonstrate using the SMU.
For the latest product documentation, see the HP
Support Center website
WARRANTY STATEMENT: To obtain a copy of the
warranty for this product, see the warranty
information website
Before you begin
Observe the following:
Removing a module from an operational
enclosure significantly changes air flow within
the enclosure. Openings must be populated
for the enclosure to cool properly. Leave
modules in the enclosure until a replacement
is available.
Parts can be damaged by electrostatic
discharge; use proper anti-static protection.
Keep parts in electrostatic containers until
needed and ensure you are properly
grounded when touching static-sensitive
When replacing both controllers
in an operational enclosure, do as follows:
Replace one controller as detailed in these
Wait 30 minutes. This pause ensures that the
controller and its ownership of the vdisks has
enough time to fully stabilize.
Check the system status and event logs to
ensure that the system is stable.
Replace the other controller as detailed in
these instructions.
When two controllers are installed
in an enclosure, they must be the same model.
Mixing controller types in the same enclosure is
not supported.
To reduce the impact on system performance, perform
all maintenance tasks during periods of low system
activity or during a system maintenance window.
The following illustration shows controller module
1. Controller module A
2. Controller module B
Illustrations in this document show
generic representations of modules and
enclosures; procedures are the same for all
modules shipped with this document.
Verifying module failure
Before replacing the module, look at the event log,
software management utilities, and device LEDs, to
confirm that the module has failed.
Table 1 LED descriptions
Module LED
Solid Green = Module is operating
Blink = System is starting up
Off = Module is not operating
Fault/Service Required
Solid Amber = Fault condition
Blinking Amber = Hardware-controlled
power-up or cache flush/restore error
Off = No fault conditions
Recording configuration settings
As a best practice, record system settings before
replacing a controller module.
Page 1
To obtain key settings using the SMU, from the
Configuration View panel, select the system and then
click the following menu options:
For date, time, and NTP settings:
Configuration > System Settings > Date, Time
For system information (name, contact, location,
and description):
Configuration > System Settings > System
For user information:
Configuration > Users > Modify User
For email notification settings:
Configuration > Services > Email Notification
For SNMP notification settings:
Configuration > Services > SNMP Notification
For syslog notification settings:
Configuration > Services > Syslog Notification
For information about scheduled tasks:
View > Overview
In the main panel, select Schedules. Scroll down to
see details.
For information about all hosts (IDs and names):
From the Configuration View panel, select Hosts.
For information about a specific host (IDs, names,
and mappings):
From the Configuration View panel, expand the
display under Hosts and then select a specific host.
For overview information (including host IDs and
nicknames) in the main panel, select Host. Scroll
down to see details.
For mapping information, in the main panel,
select Maps. Scroll down to see details.
Enabling Partner Firmware Update
(dual-controller configurations only)
In a dual-controller configuration, the Partner Firmware
Update option ensures that both controllers have the
most recent version. HP recommends enabling this
To view or change the current Partner Firmware Update
setting, select the system in the Configuration View panel
and then select Configuration > Advanced Settings >
Firmware. If needed, check the box and click Apply.


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  • Page 1

    Fault/Service Required Solid Amber = Fault condition in an operational enclosure, do as follows: © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Blinking Amber = Hardware-controlled ◦ For mapping information, in the main panel, Replace one controller as detailed in these Printed in the US.

  • Page 2: Removing Failed/installing New Controller Module

    Pull the module straight out of the enclosure (3). Carefully remove the CompactFlash from the new If the replacement controller does not boot up as controller and set it aside. expected or if the Fault/Service Required LED is amber, Removing the failed controller module the module is not online.

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