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Specifications - JTS US-8001D/1 Instruction Manual

Diversity uhf receiver
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c if the distance between the transmitter and
the receiver is too long
d if the reception is disturbed by objects in the
transmission path
The transmitter and the receiver should have
a minimum distance of 50 cm from metal
objects and any sources of interference, e g
motors or fluorescent tubes
e if the reception can be improved by turning
the antennas
5) Speak / sing into the microphone and match
the output level of the receiver by means of
the volume control VOL (7) to the input of the
subsequent unit Regardless of the adjustment
of the control VOL, the audio signal LED AF (6)
lights to the rhythm of the audio signal received
When using the pocket transmitter PT-
850B/ 1, adjust its input sensitivity with the
GAIN control (see instruction manual of the
6) After operation, switch off the receiver with the
POWER switch Remember to switch off the
transmitter(s) as well, otherwise the batteries
will be discharged the next time the system
is used
If the receiver is not used for a longer
period, disconnect the power supply unit from
the mains as it will have a low power consump-
tion even with the receiver switched off
All rights reserved by MONACOR
be reproduced in any form or by any means for any commercial use.
INTERNATIONAL GmbH & Co. KG. No part of this instruction manual may

6 Specifications

Type of unit:
Radio frequency range: 863 – 865 MHz,
Audio frequency range: 40 – 18 000 Hz
Dynamic range:
Audio outputs
XLR, bal :
6 3 mm jack, unbal :
Ambient temperature:
Power supply:
(w / o antennas):
US-8001D/ 1:
US-8002D/ 1:
Subject to technical modification
PLL multifrequency re-
ceiver with diversity and
pilot tone technology
divided into 16 chan-
nels (
table, page 8)
< 0 6 %
> 105 dB
40 mV
150 mV
0 – 40 °C
via the power supply
unit supplied connected
to 230 V/ 50 Hz
210 × 40 × 170 mm
455 g
500 g



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