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Operating Elements And Connections; Safety Notes - JTS US-8001D/1 Instruction Manual

Diversity uhf receiver
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Diversity UHF Receiver
These instructions are intended for users without
any specific technical knowledge Please read these
instructions carefully prior to operating the unit and
keep them for later reference
All operating elements and connections de-
scribed can be found on the fold-out page 3
1 Operating Elements
and Connections
1.1 Front panel
1 Receiving antennas
2 POWER switch
3 Power LED
4 Rotary switch* CH for adjusting the transmis-
sion channel with the adjusting key supplied
5 Reception* LED RF;
lights up when a radio signal is received from
the transmitter
6 Audio signal LED* AF; lights to the rhythm of
the audio signal received
7 Volume control* VOL
* With model US-8002D/ 1, these operating ele-
ments are available both for the receiving units
CH 1 and CH 2
1.2 Rear panel
8 Balanced XLR output for connection to the
microphone input, e g of a mixer or amplifier
Model US-8002D/ 1 has two outputs, one for
the output signal of the receiving unit CH 1
and one for the output signal of the receiving
unit CH 2
9 Output (6 3 mm jack, unbal ) for connection
to a highly sensitive line input, e g of a mixer
or amplifier
With model US-8002D/ 1, the mixed signal from
the receiving units CH 1 and CH 2 is available
10 Strain relief for the connection cable of the
power supply unit:
Lead the cable around the hook to prevent
accidental disconnection of the plug from the
jack (11)
11 Power supply jack for connecting the power
supply unit supplied

2 Safety Notes

The units (receiver and power supply unit) corre-
spond to all relevant directives of the EU and are
therefore marked with
WARNING The power supply unit is supplied
with hazardous mains voltage
Leave servicing to skilled personnel
only Inexpert handling may cause
an electric shock hazard
The units are suitable for indoor use only Protect
them against dripping water and splash water,
high air humidity, and heat (admissible ambient
temperature range 0 – 40 °C)
Do not operate the receiver and immediately
disconnect the power supply unit from the mains
1 in case of visible damage to the units or to
the mains cable,
2 if a defect might have occurred after a unit
was dropped or suffered a similar accident,
3 if malfunctions occur
In any case the units must be repaired by skilled
For cleaning only use a dry, soft cloth; never use
water or chemicals
No guarantee claims for the units and no liability
for any resulting personal damage or material
damage will be accepted if the units are used
for other purposes than originally intended, if
they are not correctly connected, operated, or
not repaired in an expert way
If the units are to be put out of operation
de finitively, take them to a local recycling
plant for a disposal which is not harmful
to the environment
2.1 Conformity and approval
Herewith, MONACOR INTERNATIONAL declare that
the receivers US-8001D/1 and US-8002D/1 comply
with the directive 2014 / 53 / EU The EU declara-
tions of conformity are available on request from
generally approved for operation in EU and EFTA
countries; they are licence-free and require no



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