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Panasonic CF-35 Operating Instructions Manual

Cf-35 series personal computer.
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CF-35 Quick Guide
(On-line manual on the hard disk)
on the screen.
CF-35 Readme
Key Combinations


Getting Started
Read Me First .................................................
First-time Operation ........................................
Starting Up/Shutting Down ..............................
Computing On the Road ...............................
Using the Battery Pack ..................................
Security Measures ........................................
Infrared Data Communications .....................
Add-ons/Peripherals ......................................
Computer Diagnosis .....................................
Dealing with Problems ..................................
Reinstalling Software ....................................
Windows 95 Setup Procedure .......................
Setup Utility ...................................................
Index ............................................................
Personal Computer


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   Summary of Contents for Panasonic CF-35

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS CF-35 Quick Guide (On-line manual on the hard disk) Click on the screen. -Contents- CF-35 Readme Key Combinations Indicators Personal Computer CF-35 Contents Getting Started Read Me First ... First-time Operation ... Operation Starting Up/Shutting Down ... Computing On the Road ...
  • Page 2 Code Date Purchase Introduction Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic CF-35 series computer. Please read the operating instructions thoroughly for proper opera- tion of your new computer. Illustrations in this Manual NOTE : NOTE provides a useful fact or helpful information.
  • Page 3 Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the Panasonic Service Center or an experienced ra- dio/TV technician for help. Warning To assure continued compliance, use only shielded interface cables when connecting to a computer or peripheral.
  • Page 4 Warnings This equipment is not designed for connection to an IT power system. (An IT system is a system having no direct connections be- tween live parts and Earth; the exposed-conducive-parts of the electrical installation are earthed. An IT system is not permitted where the computer is directly connected to public supply systems in the U.K.) Disconnect the mains plug from the supply socket when the computer is not in use.
  • Page 5: Read Me First

    Running such programs may result in the incorrect dis- play of hard disk drive (HDD) content or damage to data on the HDD. For more information, please read the "CF- 35 Readme" in the "CF-35 series Quick Guide" (Click ) is on. Do not add the check mark...
  • Page 6: First-time Operation

    Panasonic dealer. CAUTION Please prepare 8 2HD formatted floppy disks to create backup disks of the Panasonic page 8; step 6 ). These backup disks are to be used when and the other utilities ( reinstallation of the Panasonic and the other utilities becomes necessary.
  • Page 7 Move the power switch toward the rear direction and hold one second un- Latch til the power indicator ) goes on before re- leasing it. Connect your computer to a power outlet CAUTION Handling the AC adapter Do not twist or pull the AC power cord forcefully. Doing so may damage the connections.
  • Page 8 About the CF-35 series Quick Guide This is available as an on-line guide which includes information on the key input com- mands, LED indicators and the “CF-35 Readme”. The “CF-35 Readme” also contains detailed information. For the Quick Guide, we recommend setting the Desktop area to "800 by 600 pixels" or more, and the Color palette to "High Color (16 bits)"...
  • Page 9: Starting Up/shutting Down

    Should this happen, allow the computer to cool down then switch the power on again. If the computer still does not turn on, please consult your nearest Panasonic dealer. is displayed, you must first enter your User Password (...
  • Page 10: Restarting Your Computer

    Starting Up/Shutting Down Using the Touch Pad Moving the cursor Work Surface Cursor Clicking One tap One tap NOTE To change the touch pad settings, select [Mouse] in [Start] - [Settings] - [Control Panel]. Even if [Left-handed] is selected in the mouse settings, tapping the touch pad will have the same effect as clicking the left button of the touch pad.
  • Page 11: Shutting Down

    Shutting Down Suspend Mode Power Switch Do not touch the power switch while your computer is en- tering the hiberna- tion mode. Hibernation Mode Resuming Operation Power Switch Using the suspend function NOTE You can use the suspend function by selecting [Suspend] Suspend] is deleted from the [Start] menu by unchecking [Allow Windows to manage power use on this computer.] in [Start] - [Settings] - [Control Panel] - [Power] or by unchecking [Show suspend command on Start menu] in [Advanced].
  • Page 12: Computing On The Road

    Computing On the Road Conserving Power One of the main features of notebook-type computers is that you have the power of computing away from your home or office. In the following, information is provided on how to maximize use of the battery pack which is necessary for such computing. Four Important Points POINT Be sure to charge your battery before and after use.
  • Page 13: Setting Power Management

    Setting Power Management (How to set [Advanced] and the hibernation timeout) Run the Setup Utility Using , select [Power Management] then press Using , select [Power Saving] then set [Advanced] with (To avoid setting the hibernation timeout, press Using , select [Power Switch] then set [Hiberna- tion] with Using , select [Hibernation Timeout], set either [4...
  • Page 14 Battery pack or charger may not be working properly. Blinking red * Check your connections. If the problem persists, consult your nearest Panasonic dealer. Unable to recharge due to violation of temperature limits Blinking orange f or 5 seconds after the AC...
  • Page 15: Using The Battery Pack

    • Do not short the positive (+) and negative (-) contacts. • The battery pack is a rechargeable battery intended for use with the CF-35 series or the specified charger (CF-VCB251A). Do not use it with a computer other than the one for which it was designed.
  • Page 16 Using the Battery Pack Replacing the Battery Pack Hook Tape When the charge provided by your battery pack is supplied for only a short period of time, even after fully charging according to the instructions, it may be time to replace your battery pack. The battery pack is a consumable item and therefore will require replacement (CF-VZS351).
  • Page 17: Security Measures

    Security Measures To prevent unauthorized access of your computer the various security measures are provided below. Situation You do not want your computer to be used without permission Same as above, but while you’re away temporarily You want to prevent theft or damage to data by using a floppy disk You do not want your Supervisor Setup changed without permission You want to prevent theft of your computer When you do not want your computer to be used without permission...
  • Page 18 Security Measures You do not want your computer to be used without permission while away temporarily Press to end the password setting procedure Close the Setup Utility CAUTION To prevent the changing of your password without permission • When running the Setup Utility program, do not leave your computer even for a short time.
  • Page 19 When you want to prevent theft of or damage to data by using a floppy disk You may choose to protect the data on your computer from being accessed illegally or over- written accidentally by using a floppy disk. You can also set your computer to be unbootable from a floppy disk.
  • Page 20: Setting The Supervisor Password

    Security Measures Setting the Supervisor Password (enabling, changing, disabling) Run the Setup Utility Using , select [Supervisor Setup] then press Using , select [Supervisor Password] then press To enable or change your supervisor password Enter your password at the [Enter Supervisor Password], then press CAUTION Your password will not be displayed on the screen.
  • Page 21: Infrared Data Communications

    [Programs] - [TranXit]. NOTE Online help is available on how to use TranXit. Click [TranXit Quick Reference Guide] in [Start] - [Programs] - [Panasonic]. (Reinstalling TranXit; page 34) Setting or changing the “Computer Name” It is necessary to assign a different “Computer Name” to each computer; select [Com- puter Name] in [Setup] to change the name.
  • Page 22: Add-ons/peripherals

    Add-ons/Peripherals Devices capable of being used by your computer are listed in the table below. Device(s) CD-ROM drive (CF-VCD351) PC Cards (Modem, LAN, SCSI, etc.) Serial Devices (Mouse, Modem, etc.) Extra Memory Port Replicator (CF-VEB351) External Display Printer Keyboard, External Mouse Speaker/Headphone Microphone Using a CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 23: Installing The Pc Card

    Using PC Cards Your computer has two PC Card slots. These slots conform to the PC Card Standard; there- fore, communications and SCSI devices may be utilized. The slot allows you to use two Type I or Type II cards (or one Type I and one Type II), or one Type III card. Type I or II Two cards can be used simultaneously.
  • Page 24 Add-ons/Peripherals Adding Memory RAM module specifications 144 pins, 60/70 ns, 3.3 V, SO-DIMM, EDO RAM Module Slot Hooks CAUTION RAM modules are extremely sensitive to static electricity. There are cases where static electricity generated by the human body has adversely affected such modules. In addi- tion, it is easy to damage the RAM modules or internal components of the computer.
  • Page 25 Connecting a Port Replicator A port replicator is available as an option (CF-VEB351). This device eliminates the hassles of having you connect/disconnect the various cables when carrying your computer around and allows a variety of peripherals to be connected including a headphone or microphone, etc. The port replicator connects to the expansion bus connector on the bottom of your computer.
  • Page 26 Add-ons/Peripherals To change your hard disk, consult your nearest Panasonic Dealer or authorized Service Center Tape Connector - computer Connector - hard disk Setting your printer Go to [My Computer] - [Printers]. Find your printer’s icon, double-click on it, and click [File] - [Set As Default].
  • Page 27: Usage, Carrying And Maintenance

    Usage, Carrying and Maintenance Usage Environment Environment Place the computer on a flat stable surface. In use: Temperature: 5 °C to 35 °C (41 °F to 95 °F) Humidity: 30% to 80% RH (No condensation) Not in use: Temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F) Humidity: 30% to 90% RH...
  • Page 28: Computer Diagnosis

    Computer Diagnosis List of Error Codes Code Boot failure--default configuration used System Board Failure System Board Failure System Board Failure Adapter ROM Error System Board Failure Bad CMOS Battery Configuration Change Has Occurred Configuration Error Date and Time Incorrect Configuration Change Has Occurred Memory Size Error Keyboard Error Keyboard Error...
  • Page 29: Dealing With Problems

    When a problem occurs, please refer to this page. If you think it has to do with the software application you are using, please read the related manual. If for some reason you still cannot figure out the problem, please consult your nearest Panasonic dealer.
  • Page 30: Character Input

    Your drive or file may not have been properly set. Check to see if the hard disk is full. Your hard disk content may be corrupted. Consult your nearest Panasonic dealer. are on, the Numeric Key Pad is ON. To switch it OFF, press is on, the Caps Lock is ON.
  • Page 31: Setup Utility

    Setup Utility Enter the User Password or Supervisor Password. If you have forgotten it, consult your is displayed nearest Panasonic dealer. [Supervisor Setup] is not At the start of the program when displayed in the menu word. When both the User Password and Supervisor Password have been set, if you enter the User...
  • Page 32: Reinstalling Software

    You will need the CD-ROM included in the Windows 95 System Pack and the following 8 backup disks you made earlier. • Firstaid FD (1 disk) • Panasonic Tools Disk(1 disk) • Drivers Disk 1/2 (2 disks) • TranXit Disk (2 disks) •...
  • Page 33: System Setup

    System setup 9 In [Start] - [Run], input [c:\install.bat] then press Rebooting will be done automatically. 10 In [Start] - [Programs] - [Windows Explorer], delete two files named [install] on the C: drive. Device Manager 1 11 In [Start] - [Settings] - [Control Panel] - [System] - [Device Manager] - [View devices by connection], select [PCI bus] in [Plug and Play BIOS], press •...
  • Page 34 When the message appears to reboot your computer, press NOTE At the time of purchase, the [CF-35 series Quick Guide] can be found under [Favorites] in the Internet Explorer program. If reinstallation is carried out for your com- puter, this file will no longer be available.
  • Page 35: Windows 95 Setup Procedure

    Windows 95 Setup Procedure This procedure explains step 4 on page 8 in more detail. Select settings for your region, then press Select your keyboard layout, then press (for U.S.A.: United States 101, for U.K.: British) Enter your name and your company’s name, then press The License Agreement will be displayed.
  • Page 36: Setup Utility

    Setup Utility Running the Setup Utility Program Completion • Hibernation settings ( page 11) • Power Management settings ( page 13) • Security Settings ( page 17) • Add-ons/Peripherals Settings ( page 22) After you have completed all settings, you may exit the Setup Utility program.
  • Page 37 System Setup NumLk [ON] Touch Pad [Enable] Speakers [Enable] Display [Exter nal Monitor] • User Password Coffee break Password [Enable] Key Combination for Coffee break [Alt+Ctr l+F9] Power Management Power Saving [Standard (Battery)] CPU Speed Change Mode Enable HDD Motor Timeout 1 min Standby Timeout 2 min...
  • Page 38: Specifications

    Power Off Approx. 2.5 hours* Coin type lithium battery 3.0 V Operating Time Approx. 10 years Output 15.1 V DC, 2.6 A charged (or not being charged) and the computer is OFF. CF-35 series Quick Guide technology 1GB = 10 bytes...
  • Page 39: Names And Functions Of Parts

    CF-35EJC4BAM/CF-35EJC4BAE CF-35EVC4BAM Pentium ® Processor 133 MHz Pentium 16 KB (256 KB) 16 KB 16 MB (80 MB Max. ) 16 MB (80 MB Max. ) 1.1 MB 1.1 MB 12.1" (TFT) 12.1" (DSTN) 256/65536/262144 colors 256/65536/262144 colors 256/65536 colors 256/65536 colors 1.44GB* 1.44GB*...
  • Page 40: Limited Use License Agreement

  • Page 41 Beschränkte Benutzerlizenz-Vereinbarung ® Das (die) mit diesem Panasonic -Produkt (im weiteren als "Produkt" bezeichnet) gelieferte(n) Programm(e) (im weiteren als "Programme" bezeichnet) wird (werden) nur für den Gebrauch durch den Endnutzer (im weiteren als "der Käufer" bezeichnet ) lizenziert und darf (dürfen) ausschließlich gemäß den unten aufgeführten Lizenzbedingungen benutzt werden.
  • Page 42 Contrat de licence d'usage limité Le(s) logiciel(s) (les "Logiciels") fournis avec ce produit Panasonic licence à l'utilisateur ultime ("vous"), et ils ne peuvent être utilisés que conformément aux clauses contractuelles ci- dessous. En utilisant les logiciels, vous vous engagez de manière définitive à respecter les termes, clauses et condi- tions des présentes.
  • Page 43: Index

    Battery indicator ... 14,29 Battery pack ... 15,16,38,39 Battery status ... 14 Brightness adjustment ... 39 CD-ROM drive ... 22 CF-35 series Quick Guide ... 8 CPU ... 38 CPU speed change mode ... 13 Clicking ... 10 Coffee break password ... 18 Computer Viruses ...
  • Page 44 As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Panasonic has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. Outline of the International ENERGY STAR Office Equipment Program The international ENERGY STAR Office Equipment Program is an international program that promotes energy saving through the use of computers and other office equipment.

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