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Panasonic MJ-DJ31 Operating Instructions Manual page 4

Juicer / blender
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 This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
(It may cause burning, injury or electric shock.)
 Insert the Plug firmly.
(Otherwise it may cause electric shock and fire caused by the heat that may generate around
the Plug.)
 Clean the Plug regularly.
(A soiled Plug may cause insufficient insulation due to moisture, and may cause fire.)
 When abnormal operation or breaking down occurs, discontinue the appliance operation
immediately and unplug.
(It may cause smoke, fire or electric shock.)
e.g. for abnormal operation or breaking down.
The Plug and the Cord becomes abnormally hot.
The Cord is damaged or there has been a power failure.
The Motor Housing is deformed or abnormally hot.
a Please unplug the appliance immediately and contact the service centre for advice or a repair.
 Care should be taken when handling and cleaning the Spinner, the Spout, the Blender
Cutting Blades and the Mill Cutting Blades.
(It may cause injury.)
 Handle carefully when emptying the Blender Container.
(It may cause injury.)
 Do not push the safety lock pins at the Motor Housing. The connector will rotate if switch
is on.
(It may cause injury.)
 Make sure to hold the Plug when unplugging the Plug, ie. never pull on the Cord.
(Otherwise it may cause electric shock, or fire caused by short circuit.)
 Do not leave the appliance unattended when it is in operation.
(It may cause fire or burns.)
When leaving the appliance unattended, turn the power off.
 Do not use the appliance in the following places.
Any uneven surface, on non-heat resistant carpet or table cloth etc.
(It may cause fire or injury.)
In a location where there is risk of the appliance being splashed with water, or near a heat source.
(It may cause electric shock or current leakage.)
 Do not assemble the Spinner when there is food residue left around the Container Unit.
(It may cause unpleasant odour and the Spinner to work improperly.)
 Do not continue operation for a long time.
(It may cause over-heating.)
For the Blender, it is recommended to rest the appliance for at least 1 minute after 3
minutes operation.
For the Juicer and the Dry Mill, it is recommended to rest the appliance for at least 2
minutes after 2 minutes of Juicer operation or 1 minute of Dry Mill operation.
 Do not place the Juice Jug, the Blender Container or the Dry Mill Container in
microwave, or near a heat source.
(It may cause fire or injury.)
 Unplug the Plug when the appliance is not in use.
(Otherwise it may cause electric shock, or fire caused by current leakage.)
 When carrying the appliance, be sure to hold the Motor Housing with both hands.
(It may cause injury.)
 Switch off the appliance and disconnect it from power supply before changing
accessories or approaching parts that are moving during operation.
(It may cause injury.)

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