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Unpacking And Checking The Components - Canon ae1 Installation Procedures Manual

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Unpacking and Checking
the Components
1.4.1 Unpacking (Finisher)
The machine is packed using tape and cushioning
materials to be protected against vibration and
shock during transit. Be sure to remove them be-
fore starting to install the machine. (It is a good
idea to store away the removed tape and cushion-
ing material for possible relocation of the machine,
e.g., to a new site or for repairs.)
1) Take out the accessory box from the shipping box.
2) Lift the finisher together with its cushioning base
(Styrofoam). Be sure to work in a group of two per-
If you shift up the finisher on its side, you would
likely deform or damage the machine. Moreover,
in the case of the Saddle Finisher-AE2, the force
applied to the front cover [l] can deform the
The finisher is rather heavy. (Weight: Finisher-
AE1: 43.2 kg, Saddle Finisher-AE2: 73.2 kg) Be
sure to work in a group of two persons. Particu-
larly when moving it over a step on the floor, be
sure to take full care not to let it tumble over.
At this point, do not remove the four cushioning
materials (Styrofoam) from the finisher. Otherwise,
you would likely deform some areas of the ma-
3) Remove the cushioning material (Styrofoam) from
the upper cover.
4) Slightly lift the front and rear casters, and remove
the cushioning material (Styrofoam). Be sure to
shift up the finisher by holding the upper left cover
(gray area).
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