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Installing The Accessories - Canon ae1 Installation Procedures Manual

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I .2.2
Installing the Accessories
If you are installing accessories at the same time as you are installing this product, install the host machine first and
then the accessories in the following sequence:
1. Side paper deck (See its Installation Procedure.)
2. Installation of the buffer pass unit [I]
3. Finisher-AE 1 [2], Saddle Finisher-AE2 [3]
4. Puncher unit [4]
5. Connection to the host machine
Turning Off the Main Power of the Host Machine
When turning off the main power, be sure to go through the following in strict sequence to protect the machine's
hard disk:
[l] Hold on the power switch on the control panel 3 sec or more.
[2] Operate on the touch panel according to the shut-down sequence indicated so that the main power switch may
be turned off.
[3] Turn off the main power switch.
[4] Disconnect the power cable (for the power outlet).



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